WoT: Roadmap Highlights – Frontline


Frontline is one of the most exciting modes in World of Tanks. You can fight in Frontline using Tier VIII vehicles. Join massive 30×30 battles to use Combat Reserves, try out respawn mechanics, and take advantage of Resupply Circles!


During this game event, you can receive an additional reward by:

  • Logging in to the game website.
  • Clicking the “GET REWARD!” button.
  • Opening the game client to claim your reward!

4 thoughts on “WoT: Roadmap Highlights – Frontline

  1. Not sure why they didn’t include it in the August Calendar video. Late August here most likely means starting August 28, right after the second useless Steel Hunter week. We get SH crap for 2 weeks while FL is what most players keep asking for.

    1. I actually prefer SH over the randoms even. No arty, no snipers, no hull down gameplay, no overpowered premiums. Just pure brawling.

  2. maybe they didn’t see the response coming when we the player base noticed FL wasn’t included. An about face maybe……

  3. WG love to hate frontline. Because they outsourced the design and it was the best thing for many years in wot. Not designed by WG. So they couldn’t let that fly.
    If this was a standalone game. I’d ditch wot and it’s random battles yesterday

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