WoT: Auto Cannons and Japanese Heavy Tank Branch Rumours

According to WOT Express, the upcoming autocannon tanks with overheating mechanics are going to be Chekoslovakian. Judging from previous years the very first one is going to be a tier8 premium obtainable from Christmas Loot Boxes (similarly to the M-IV-Y, BZ-176, etc.)

Meanwhile, the release of Japanese Heavy Tanks is expected before the new Chekoslovakian branch. In WoT Blitz the Type 71 and Type 68 are already playable.

source: WOT Express donators only post shared by rykoszet.info

16 thoughts on “WoT: Auto Cannons and Japanese Heavy Tank Branch Rumours

  1. That new Japanese heavy is lazy – fatter STB-1 with less mobility and more armour and firepower. I wish they buffed the original superheavy line instead…

    1. Acrually, as far as I remember, the Type 4 and Type 5 Heavy tanks are going to be buffed in the upcoming patches. Most likely with update 1.22 when the british wheelies are going to be added, because a lot more vehicles will be rebalanced then.

      1. type 5 buffs needed:
        (OR Give it back its OLD HE Mechanics on the 15cm and gun stats before it got nerfed to oblivion but 14cm needs a buff for SURE its horrrrrible)
        15cm gun (damage):1400, 1100, 700… (Pen): 240 HE, 330 HEAT:, 340 AP.
        14cm gun (damage): 750, 650, 800… (Pen): 270 AP, 330 AP, 190 HE.
        Turret Cheek: 330mm, gun mantlet: 100+ (430 total turret armor so it can take hits and brawl).
        Mud flaps added to the treads.. makes it so it eats up heat, and heat cant auto pen it anymore
        Side armor panels that cover the side count as Spaced armor, again eats heat ammo up.
        Hull armor 270 to 300mm..

        Nerfs: Shoulder plate weakens if it angles.. it keeps the copula and ear weak points, Gun port losses 20mm and the view port loses 20mm..loses 10% to view range, the commanders tower loses 10mm of armor.

        Id say this would be the Optimal changes.. since the way they aimed to balance it FAILED horribly.. this will make the type 5 actually be countered by tanks that can deal with it.. but also be terrifying like it was supposed to be.. the counter to the 279es and the Chieftain and other hull down machines.. While also reward players who know how to aim at weak spots.. Course the drivers have to know they are Littered with weak points.. and must take it easy.. and not over extend cause it will get them ammo racked… but will punish anyone that think its free EXP.. and will be able to put Chieftains and other hull down heavies in its place.. and be forced to respect it for once..

        1. No shot this guy called for a 15cm gun with a higher alpha than the JPE100 on HEAT rounds. Also, 340 AP pen? What are you high on? And newsflash bud; the Type 5 already has spaced armor on the sides. Increasing the armor values does not do anything against tier 10s when the 2 key exists.

          1. news flash bub.. look at tanks.gg its not doing well at all.. im talking about the weilding plates that are connected to the side armor thats not counted as side armor..

    2. I’d rather have boring but playable than interesting but rubbish.
      BZ-58-2 over KPz 3 Project 07.

      And as mentioned above, the super-heavies are getting rebalanced this year.

    3. Wait you are saying making an entire new tech tree is “lazy” but buffing the allready exsisting ones wouldnt be? That doesnt make any sense at all.

      And besides, they have allready said they are going to rebalance the exsisting japanese heavies so what are you complaining about?

      1. I don’t know what dictionary you’re reading, but boring does not equal to lazy.
        Boring would be a new branch with no new gimmick mechanics.
        The best you can expect from the IJA/JGSDF heavy branch is the same hydropneumatic suspension as on the STB-1, but with a 120mm gun. No Autoreverseinverseloader or w/e, no speed toggles, no double tracks, no rocket boosters, etc.

        Also, it could be called “lazy” since they’re copying it from Blitz.

        And I’m complaining because I got 0% confidence in WG fixing the things that make the super-heavies bad. And I don’t mean the derps either, they can get removed for all I care.

        1. My comment was dirrected at the very first comment that said this “That new Japanese heavy is lazy – fatter STB-1 with less mobility and more armour and firepower. I wish they buffed the original superheavy line instead…”

          1. Sorry, the layout on this blog makes it hard to read that.
            But as I said, it can still be called lazy since they’re, essentially, copying the line from Blitz.

  2. No body plays japanese supaheavies they are so out of meta. Why the fuck make more of these big peices of shit.

    1. These aren’t that type of heavy. These are more normal heavies but will probably have a stb-1 type pneumatic twist.

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