WoT: 1.21.1 Common Test – Vehicle Changes

Kampfpanzer 07 P(E)
(Germany, Tier-10, HT, promotional)
* The tank is completely ready for release.
• Removed tank tags: “Secret” and “Tested”.
• Tank price in gold for EU: from 100 to 22,500
• Tank price in gold for RUBY: from 100 to 25,000

GSOR 1010 FB
(Great Britain, Tier-8, wheeled MT, premium).
* The tank is completely ready for release.
• Removed tank tags: “Secret” and “Tested”.
• Tank price in gold for EU: from 100 to 8,850
• Tank price in gold for RUBY: from 100 to 11,000

UDES 03 Alt 3
(Sweden, Tier-9, MT, premium, mechanics: hydropneumatic suspension, autoloader for 3 shells)
* The tank is completely ready for release.
• Changed tank tags: from “Promotional” to “Premium”.
• Added tank tag: “Earning bonds”
• Removed tank tags: “Secret”, “Unique” and “Tested”.
• Tank price in gold for EU: from 100 to 11,600

(Poland, Tier-8, HT, premium)
* The tank is completely ready for release.
• Removed tank tags: “Secret” and “Tested”.
• Tank price in gold for EU: from 100 to 9,950

29 thoughts on “WoT: 1.21.1 Common Test – Vehicle Changes

  1. Oh boy oh boy, we’re gonna get the UDES Alt 3 with that kind of stats.
    Looks like I’ll have a new toy =))))
    The thing doesn’t look broken at all but it absolutely looks the most interesting in a very long time.
    Fast, sneaky bastard with a super reliable clip? That will definitely do some really nasty stuffs.
    And it’s a premium tank that also earns Bonds.
    Call me Gold noob plz XDDDD

    1. It’s pretty much a UDES 14 alt. 5 with a 3-round clip in tier 9. As a true UDES enjoyer, I think this one I’d love as well. Sadly, I’m 200% sure it will come from the brand new Summer Loot Boxes!

      1. Yeah, that’s to be expected. It’s WG standard now, unfortunately.
        But hey, at least we’ll get something that is actually good and balanced after so long.

    2. Agreed, the udes 14 5 was my baby, love that thing to death. This thing will have a pretty unique playstyle so i’m here for it!

    3. Call me Gold noob plz

      Your comments often mention DPG and such, so I assume you already are one.

      1. I’m a gold noob but only with my baby: the Bourrasque.
        Even with the Renegade, another tank that I love and usually play seriously with, I go 20 APs.
        TVP? 24/20/4. Leo1? 25/25/10. STB? 20/25/5. E5? 17/22/3.
        The current Intuition leaves no reason to waste credits on paper targets.
        To be honest, the UDES Alt 3 with 252 APCR as standard and only 284 APCR as gold, it’s not worth to spam gold, unless I want to go Bourrasque mode and try super hard.

        1. yeah its decent enough standard pen esp at t9, and the things you werent penning with standard are probably going to be tough to pen with gold.

        2. I use similar ammo setups, barring exceptions (such as T-54 with the DPM gun) standard is usually enough for the job.

          I don’t stress over MoE or WN8 though, never did, I have a few MoEs but they came along the way, I did not go out of my way to get them.

          1. Dedicated players don’t stress over MoE or WN8.
            We focus on our performance.
            MoE & WN8 are things that come with your improvement.
            There were games in which I was just focusing on beating the crap out of the enemy team, and then I realized I got 8k dmg.

            1. There were games in which I was just focusing on beating the crap out of the enemy team, and then I realized I got 8k dmg.

              I had one such game years ago where it took us forever to finish the match. I was in T32, did almost 5500 damage and I only noticed when I saw the post-game results. I was both surprised and happy.

              Every battle statistic being showed on screen kind of ruins it for me, I have several of them toggled off to get less distracted when playing.

  2. With regard to all of the above tanks, I believe we will have:
    KPz 07 P(E) – assembly shop tank
    UDES 03 alt 3 and GSOR 1010 FB – new vehicles for summer lootboxes (just what we had with the Waffentrager event last year)
    56TP – the reward for the secret BP chapter, which is already confirmed.

    1. I agree with this assessment. Loot boxes are annoying, just means that i’ll have to wait longer for it to be on sale to get, particularly the udes.

  3. will there be another iteration of the 1.21.1 test server or will i have to wait until the next ct comes online

  4. This is why WG don’t listen to players. Because players don’t know wtf they talk and cry about.

    1. If WG listened to the players who demand to be heard, they’d have been out of business for years. They made some very shitty moves over the course of WoT’s life, but if we can still get games at every hour of the day with short queues that’s proof enough that the game is far from “being on life support” like some claim it is.

    2. There are many pro players who can provide really good recommendations for tank balancing and overall game balancing.
      But none of them was heard.
      Why? Nobody knows why.
      The thing that is super obvious is WG has been trying their best to milk the WoT community by introducing A LOT of Black Markets and Lootbox events since last year.
      Gaming experience with WoT has been worse drastically with WG’s greediness.
      They surely know how to milk, and they surely will not fix the game or even attempt to do so as long as their milking mission still does good enough.
      You might say they’re MILKING just fine, but DO NOT talk like they’re doing just fine.

      1. You are the prime example of players that WG should ignore.
        “Pro players” that make up 0.5% of all players should not determine what the majority want. Good or bad.

        1. Depends on how they approach the issue. Guys who claim they know everything and that only their opinions matter can go get a rope, but when someone offers reasonable advice backed by direct experience it’s another thing. The issue is that most pros who talk online are self-entitled pricks, hence the prejudice.

        2. I disagree with you here, sir. Pro players that make 0.5% of all players have mastered game mechanics and can make pretty much any tank work. That’s why they are aware what really works and what doesn’t. Same goes for matchamking and map balance. The vast majority of players, you addressed in your comment, want to have fun and don’t care all that much about balance and all that stuff, as long as they are having fun.

          1. Exactly. The 43% players watching QuicklyBaby arent going to learn shit and certainly are never going to be able to play like him and other 60%+ players.
            Nor do they care to. They just want to drive and shoot other tanks. It doesnt matter if they win or lose. And they certainly do not give a fuck about if the tank has 0.2 dispersion or 0.35 dispersion. Get real.

        3. If not those who understand the game the best then who should give recommendations for balancing? You?
          But first, you might want to learn how to read PROPERLY.
          Recommendations for balancing doesn’t mean to SATISFY everyone.
          Balancing is all about making the game better in term of fairness.
          That includes tank balancing, map balancing, and MM balancing.
          Do you need me to repeat it for you?
          One last thing, majority does not have the same interests or needs or desires.
          Majority shares only one thing, mediocrity.
          Whether you want to accept it or not, it’s always the minority, the elite ones who create the best things that we’re all using.
          For example: the original creators of WoT.

      2. events since last year

        I’m sorry, but this trend started earlier than that. Black Market was the first test and WG noticed they would sell most of their stuff without much issue, and people would overpay for them. Auctions are the exact same thing, just more drab (no cool garage window, no shady dude in a trench coat).

        As for loot boxes, it’s been a thing for years. First it was Christmas only, then it got extended to every new premium tank and now it’s become the norm, proof that this way of selling stuff works.

        1. If I recall correctly, they promised all CCs, that all new premiums will be available outside of bundles with gold, prem. time, pers. reserves, etc. So selling new premiums just the way they are (for ~$50 each) won’t be profitable enough (for 2023 standards).

          But as a player to have the opportunity to get old-ish premiums you’ve always wanted to have and on top of that 1-2 new ones…that’s a hell of a deal for quite a lot of players. Well, you can get 3-4 that you don’t care about, but hey – they are premiums, they make credits (in tier 9 – bonds), train your crews, not half-bad of a deal!

          We can disagree and cry as much as we want on the Internet about all new premiums being sold in a Loot-box event, but WG saw that they earn more money more reliably this way so that’s what they will keep on doing.

        2. BMs/Lootboxes have been here for years yes but it only got out of hand since last year with the thirst for money from WG.
          It could be still reasonable as long as they put a limit on their acts, but no, they did absolutely everything they could even if that made the game worse.

          1. I can agree with loot boxes, but I really dont have an issue with black markets. Sure everything is overpriced, but you KNOW what you are bidding for, its not a surprise. The big thing about loot boxes is the fact that you are basically gambling. With a BM, you just bid however much you think the tank is worth. If you get it, nice. If you dont, then its overpriced for you and not worth it

            1. The specific “BM” I mentioned here is the Assembly Shop.
              They put 1 tank there with the tag “limited”. You want it? Be happy to pay a ridiculous price.
              Even if you really like the tank, it doesn’t deny the fact Assembly Shop’s tanks are ridiculously overpriced.
              This specific event is designed to drain all resources of an entire server out so you HAVE TO keep grinding in the game (with Battle Pass for a whole year) if you want to have enough resources for the NEXT Assembly Shop, or you can just use your credit card.
              Yeah, FOMO is disgusting, but it works. People like exclusivity.
              Nobody can deny that WG has been doing really well with their marketing strategies. They know us, their customers really well.
              What annoys all of us or majority of us is the fact that they put pretty much all of their effort on milking the F out of us instead of fixing the game.

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