5 thoughts on “WoT: Update 1.21.1 Release Dates

  1. Looks like the patch will hit on 19th of July, that pretty much confirms that the marathon will be in the middle of the battle pass, not in august like the vid says.

    1. But I think everyone knew marathon will be in July. That was my thought after they announced chapter iv marathon. And I think they said somewhere it will be july.
      Biggest update in the year 1.22 will be in august/september with new british wheeled mediums. Maybe you thought 1.22 is 1.21.1 which have different release date.

        1. There was one guy on YouTube that said the wz 111 will be the marathon tank and it will release with this patch, when he said that he also said most likely the patch will release in August which contradicted with the fact that the marathon had to be in the middle of July and maybe wg would postpone the marathon. But this is confirmation that the marathon will 💯 be in the middle of july

          1. Yes could be, maybe you are talking about Sahm Lockhart youtuber, but I have read many of articles posted by TAP and on 1.21.1 patch notes I have found this information :
            “Battle Pass
            An additional time-limited Chapter will become available the day after the start of the Common Test. The rewards and progression settings for the Common Test are subject to change by their release on the live servers.”

            So I thought marathon will be on the middle of July. And if im correct wargaming said they will not release marathon 1/4 of the battle pass this time, they will release on the middle of BP.
            Maybe they saw people were preparing for the marathon and they started playing a lot tier 6 to complete marathon fast so right now they want to get as much money as they can. 🙂

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