18 thoughts on “Project CW (Wargaming): New Leaked Footage Video

  1. yep, looks like unreal engine

    Why would they not use the CORE engine? why develop an in house engine (that’s actually really good) just to throw it away?

    IMO it will probably run way worse that WoT PC

            1. i actually have a good PC, probably better than yours.
              Sorry if i don’t like shitty performing UE games

            2. he is right man. Unreal engine 4 has the worst optimization compared to every other engine. Name 1 good UE4 game at launch with good performance…

    1. it is in fact pretty simple, if you are starting a new game why wouldn’t you use an engine that developers all around the world work with?
      this saves them a LOT of time on training new programmers on their own game engine, plus the current version of their game engine is only a reality so that they could avoid having to change everything from scratch in WoT, it was never about not paying the license for a better engine
      at the time WoT was at its peak and they made a lot of money

      1. Well, enjoy the generic looking stuttering crap fest that it will be.
        Keep rewarding laziness.
        You people get what you deserve.

      2. “plus the current version of their game engine is only a reality so that they could avoid having to change everything from scratch in WoT”

        That’s false, they built the CORE engine from the ground up.

        1. nope, it is true
          wargaming bought BigWorld in 2012 and developed CORE from there releasing the demo (enCORE) in 2018, they still own BigWorld
          like I said it was all about retaining the core code, both engines are coded in python, source, unreal, unity, etc are all written on C++
          you can check that WG is constantly looking for programmers with experience with python, which means the availability is probably low
          if it really is Unreal it is simply to save time on training new programmers to work with their engine

          1. lol, you’re wrong.

            WoT used to run on BigWorld, then changed to CORE. (Client side, in the server side BigWorld is still used).
            Core engine was written almost completely from the ground up. (80% of the code was completely rewritten).
            Its also written in C++ (From that i could see that you don’t know what you’re talking about)
            They use python for their API`s (totally deferent from the game client)

            Regarding Unreal i agree with you, most new devs have no clue how to work on anything besides Unreal.
            I think ultimately is a bad choice and will backfire on them eventually.

    1. apparently it will have story-driven PVE mode just like Armored Warfare
      I wonder if they hired some former Obsidian Entertainment devs from the Armored Warfare era, that or the russian counterparts that worked directly with Obsidian and were displeased my.com chose to break the contract and move to something more like a WoT clone

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