Win Big in the WoT Championship International

The WCI (World of Tanks Championship International) tournament is your chance to compete against the best teams from Europe, North America, Asia Pacific, and China in epic 7v7 battles. Sign up, beat the competition, and earn your spot in the offline tournament finals live in China.

The winning team will take home the title and a share of the 1,000,000 yuan (~€130,000) prize pool!

The regional online qualifiers will start very soon to determine who meets live on stage in China in the offline finals later this year! Keep your eyes peeled for more details.

Participation Conditions and Legal Disclaimers

General Conditions

All players from teams that qualify to participate in the WCI Tournament Finals acknowledge that, to participate in the WCI Tournament Finals, they must be able to travel to China for the tournament finals period. This means, among other things:

  1. Having all necessary foreign travel documents and obtaining a Chinese visa.
  2. Not being subject to any specific restrictions that would prevent departure from their country of residence or arrival in China.
  3. Providing travel document details and personal data to the WCI Tournament organizer upon request so that travel can be arranged.
  4. Following the steps necessary to obtain a Chinese visa at the relevant Chinese embassy and fully cooperating with the WCI Tournament organizer in the visa application process.
  5. Bearing certain visa expenses which will later be compensated by the WCI Tournament organizer upon the provision of payment documents (which must be kept by the player).

Only players aged 18 or older are allowed to participate.

Costs Covered by the WCI Tournament Organizer

The organizer will cover the following costs for players participating in the WCI Tournament Finals:

  • The fee for issuance of a Chinese visa to the player.
  • Return travel between the player’s country of residence and the city where the WCI Tournament Finals will take place. The airport of departure in the player’s country of residence will be chosen at the discretion of the WCI Tournament organizer, but taking into consideration the player’s convenience and flight ticket availability.
  • Insurance, accommodation, and meals in China for the duration of the WCI Tournament Finals.
  • Travel between the player’s accommodation in China and the WCI Tournament Finals location.

Expenses not listed above may have to be borne by the player.

The Right to Invite Additional Teams

Players acknowledge that the WCI Tournament organizer may invite more than one team from a specific region to the tournament finals due to another team’s inability to participate, or for other reasons at the organizer’s discretion.

Terms of Participation

Players who disagree with any of the conditions listed in this section, Terms of Participation, may not participate in the WCI Tournament Finals and should inform their team manager as soon as possible. The team manager must replace any such players with substitutes. In any event, the team roster must have no more than eight players, including the team manager. For a team to participate in the finals, at least four players chosen for the WCI Tournament Finals team roster must also be in the WCI Tournament Qualifiers team roster.

Players acknowledge that to participate in the WCI Tournament Finals, in addition to the conditions specified above, they also accept the official WCI Tournament Finals rules, which will be made available by the tournament organizer at a later date.

All participating players are required to adhere to universally recognized standards of conduct throughout the tournament. It is strictly prohibited to engage in any activities that violate the game rules, local laws and regulations, and the principles of fair competition, or in any other form of inappropriate behavior. Players must also refrain from making any inappropriate comments or exhibiting behavior that may be deemed inappropriate, including but not limited to topics of race, politics, ethnicity, clan affiliation, or gender.

This will be our first offline tournament in a long time. We hope you’re as excited as we are and ready to prove yourself as the best team in Europe—and the world!

Roll Out!

13 thoughts on “Win Big in the WoT Championship International

  1. I kinda miss the old WG league, eventhough there are still RNG factors and everything, but it’s fun to watch WOT as an actual competitive game once in a while

    1. Also it’s sad to see Ukraine and Russia teams not being in the list, and please don’t bring the political reason in here, this is just a game ^_^

      1. This is why wot will never be an eSports because there is rng it is not a skill based game

  2. Is a brief moment of glory in a niche online videogame worth bowing to the CCP and giving them all your personal data for the duration of the tournament?

    1. ^What a fked in the head tard. You don’t even know live tournaments. All the while your personal data gets taken by google, microsoft, facebook, instagram, your internet, the govt, etc. etc.

      Saddest thing is you’re head full of conspiracy and propaganda put there by the places that already take your info and know you better than you.

      You sound like a 44% shitter too.

        1. lol knew it, you’re a shitter with a head full of hate put there by people you can’t even imagine, probly never even met a chinese before either

          And “China commie” lmao, what YEAR is it you kkk boomer shitter!? :*)

          1. You need to give your head a wobble.
            Don’t need to meet “a Chinese person” to know their regime is the cesspit of human degradation.
            100 million people murdered and counting but you’ll come here to complain about hate 😂

            1. Every people has prejudice going against them, the Chinese are some of the easiest to hate due to the egregious lengths the local dictatorship goes to for the pettiest shit. As a gamer, I despise Chinese players due to how insanely tryhard they are (I hear it’s a key feature of their national culture and applies to most fields, and I’ve witnessed it in real life too).

              As for the political correctness warriors, just ignore them. There are morons like Trump, and then there’s those on the opposite extreme who’ll balk at literally anything one says, even if completely legit, because it hurts their feelings.

              1. lmao you’re both grossly misinformed aka fk’d in the head.

                Try to learn some history that is not distorted by your own imperialist regime. It’d help if you know at least 2 languages, but somehow given your level of stupidity it’s pretty clear you’re dumb and get used and don’t even know it.

                The insanity of it. Just got done killing 3.5 mil in middle east over the last 2 decades (1 mil straight up and 2.5 secondarily) and dare to accuse others by repeating some bogus BS number you saw on social media. You’re used like a condon cus you’re so stupid, buddy.

      1. Are you Chinese? Or are you one of those online kids whose feathers get ruffled by everything? Maybe both? And sorry to disappoint, I don’t use popular social media like Failbook, Instacrap, and the like, they are all cesspits.

        Also, my average winrate is 52% but how does that have anything to do with this? So random.

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