One thought on “WoWS – Update 12.5: coming soon / Gameplay teaser

  1. how to fix wows….

    revert CV planes to have Limited planes… make AA above 30% dangerous to Air planes…

    new CV consumable.. repair squad… if planes are at under 10 hp consume a charge to full heal all squads of planes after squads is in aircraft carrier if planes are lost the planes cant be restored…

    CVs have protection from subs hand holding skill removed… that shit is not needed… replaced with extended torpedo detection by double.. so the brainless carrier can listen to the sounds of torps coming.. and can use thier wasd…

    new carrier consumable… smoke bombs.. planes drop smoke bombs to hide friendlys these do not have the same effect as smoke generators..

    Carriers get countered played by subs.. and destroyers.. if a destroyer or sub is close to the carrier (enemy) damage is reduced to the enemy ship by 10% to 25% and miss the target more often.. (100 to 250 meters)..

    subs: give them normal torps if they do not want to use homing torps… let subs shotgun ships.. however they can only use 1 type of torp in game.. (non homing)

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