WoT 1.21: Projekt Kpz. 07P(E) Changes

Project Kpz. 07P(E) (Germany, Tier-10, HT, promotional)

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Reload Time: 11.22 9.11 sec
Aim Time: 1.73 1.92 sec
Average damage: 460 410 /460 410 /640 525
Average damage per minute: 2460 2701
Rate of Fire: 5.35 6.59
Accuracy at 100m: 0.33 0.32

Front Armor: 140 160 mm
Health: 2200 2300 HP
Engine power: 850 960 h.p.
Power per ton: 14.91 16.84 h.p./t
Turret traverse speed: 34 35.46 °/sec
Gun traverse speed: 26 26.25 °/sec

11 thoughts on “WoT 1.21: Projekt Kpz. 07P(E) Changes

  1. It’s kinda funny when a german HT with 120mm gun has lower alpha damage than Leo 1 with 105mm gun

    1. In reality, how lethal a shell is determined not only by its size, but also its velocity.
      If you treat your standards as some unchangeable facts then oh well, it’s “unfortunate”.

  2. As a gamer’s perspective, this thing now looks really interesting to me. It can basically do anything. Just looking at its stats makes me really wanna get one.
    With this buff, this tank is officially on par if not even more versatile than the Chieftain.
    As a WoT dedicated addict, nobody needs another Chieftain in the game. But WG needs to find a new way to keep their paying customers paying.
    How to do that? Of course give them a new “goal” to achieve, keep them playing, keep them grinding, and they will open their wallets along the way.
    This happens all the time so there’s no surprise though.

    1. Your comment is odd, are you against these premiums or are you in favor of them?

      Also, this is likely another CW prize. Workshop events are held in January/February, and Wargaming does not sell Tier 10 premiums (yet).

      1. It still can be assembly shop, as the 780 was also 16 june 2022, at least everyone has a chance then to get it and we don’t have to play the outdated clanwars.

      2. I know, inner conflicts are always there.
        A part of me likes to go easy mode as I’m playing a video game.
        But a bigger part of me knows these OP shits will kill the game I love someday.
        So after all, if I have to choose between balanced tanks and these easy-mode tanks, I will choose those balanced ones.
        Easy mode can make me enjoy the game for a little while.
        But in long term, I enjoy the engaging feel of being in tense situations way more.

        1. I really doubt it’ll be OP, but it does look really interesting. Its armor model ok, it gets clapped by prem rounds (HEAT on the forehead, APCR on the cheeks) but it still requires good aim. Strong upper plate with the shovel with weakpoints on either side where its just the hull and not covered by the shovel, but its profile makes it difficult to sidescrape. Its gun handling is comparable to sconq and e5, and its speed is good (albeit with a decent but not amazing p/w of 16). Got comparable rounds to an sconq, which is alright.

          Its intruiging becuase its the first mobile t10 german heavy, and is stats wise comparable to the sconq and e5. Probably pretty fun to play, its got a nice combination of speed and accuracy, with decent armor and decent dpm (similar to e100 with dpm gun)

          1. How did you get that standard from?
            Since when a heavily armored HT can have insane gun and MT mobility?
            Its armor is surely worse than the Chieftain, but it has better gun and mobility. It can peek+snap accurately, when using gun depression you have little to no chance to pen it, it has DPM, it has everything you could ever ask for in WoT.
            Comparable to E5 and S.Conq? Those 2 go at 37/35 and -12 base.
            S.Conq’s head and neck are easily penned by 320+ HEAT. E5 has a HUGE tumor on its head.
            Oh well, I guess you’re more than happy to play with those apex tanks like Chieftain.
            I hope these stats are just not up to date like the below guy said.

  3. No, the Projekt Kpz. did NOT get its stats changed again. The tank’s stats in the game files just haven’t been updated accordingly. Just like with the MBT-B, it didn’t get “buffed” back. Please, stop with these blatant lies.

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