WoT: Night Map Leaks

The very first test of night maps will take place in the Arcade Cabinet game mode. But further tests can be in any mode.

“Night is no reason to stop fighting. In the dark, surveillance devices and radio devices work worse, and it is much more difficult to detect a hidden enemy than in daylight. Of course, if he does not give himself away, when from the tension he starts firing at everything that moves.

In the dark, surveillance devices and radio devices work worse, and it is much more difficult to detect the enemy. Turn it to your advantage: move stealthily and don’t open fire without a reason.”

On the maps in the mode, the following game mechanics will be changed:
• Radio range
• View range
• Detection time (i.e. how long the tank remains visible when within the line of sight of the enemy)


DATES: June-July.

14 thoughts on “WoT: Night Map Leaks

  1. Neato, glad it’s more than just visual, hopefully it ends up being fun and makes scouting valuable on maps where it’s normally not useful at all to have a scout/light tank.

  2. Since when does the dark affect radio range? That’s not even logical even for WOT

    1. Yeah, it’s pretty ridiculous but I can see the reason why.
      They don’t wanna change other mechanics so they decide to nerf the Radio Range to a point where you’re not able to tell where your teammates are and their flank’s situation.
      This makes map reading and situation analyzing more complicated, forcing you to be much more cautious when you wanna jump from one side to the other side of the map.
      In my perspective, this will not change the game too much since it affects mostly the tanks that have good mobility. Slow ones will still pick a flank then either clear it or die there.
      But the viewrange nerf might be a game changer.
      How well this will work? We only know when we’re able to test it.

      1. LMAO when i said something similar to this “We only know when we’re able to test it.” you completly sperged out saying its obvious what the outcome will be.

        You are such a dumbass and a hypocrite aswell now. And you talk so fucking much for a dude that cant even tell the difference between a cap and a spawn point.

        1. There are things that can be seen clearly and things that are too complicated to judge by its look.
          What are you rambling about sir? Double or triple standards?
          Calling me anything you like and that doesn’t deny the fact that everything I’ve said here all based on my gaming experience.
          If you still have no clue then let me tell you, opinions of players like me who know pretty much everything about the game are not just opinions. I tell only facts, no theory, no shit talk.
          We say “my opinions” just because we wanna be modest to people who deserve respect.
          Meanwhile, opinions of clueless pigeons are just some random talks. They have no clue what they’re talking about and keep talking like they do know some shits.
          Unfortunately, I see a lot more than you can think of.

          1. “opinions of players like me who know pretty much everything about the game are not just opinions.”

            This level of narcissism is borderline insanity, to be this fucking full of yourself when you are slightly above average is fucking embarassing mate.

            “I tell only facts, no theory, no shit talk.”

            Like are you actually retarded? Like actually? Your first comment is full of fucking opinions and theory, and completly void of facts, like there’s not a single fact in there. And if you think otherwise it’s because you are litteraly so dented in the head you dont even know what a fact is.

            Also you cant even tell the difference between a cap and a spawn point, so who is the clueless pigeon?

            Like honestly dude, what the fuck is wrong with you, you sit on this forum and do all these dumbass posts acting like you are some sort of bigshot and everybody should listen to you. Yet all your opinions are complete fucking garbage and most of it is just bitching about every single change Wargaming makes.

            You are embarassing yourself on the daily here, but what is the point of telling that to a narcissist who thinks hes a god because he has 3500wn8 LMAO

            1. This is literally the virgin wot theorizer who thinks his opinion means anything because they have above average stats vs the chad “I just think it’s cool.”

              And what’s the point of playing the game if it’s not fun and got cool stuff in it like dynamic effects and all the fun stuff wg has been testing recently :3

      2. Lol no players are going to do this.
        Most players can barely move forwards to the enemy let alone analyse the map and definitely not analyse the affect night mode and radio range had lolwsa

  3. So, finally WG will have a reason to force players for taking those two useless (alt least until now) Radio Operator perks, which increase Radio range 😀

  4. ELC wird die runden regeln, wenn die mich jetzt schon nur auf Proxy spotten können 😂

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