WoT: Night Maps

This summer, Wargaming will let players test Night Maps in the game.
First, they will go to a separate mode for the test, and if everything goes well, then we can see them in random battles.

The first 3 maps that received a separate night setting:
• Lakeville (summer)
• Glacier (winter)
• Sand river (desert)
The maps themselves have been slightly modified. For example, on Lakeville, they put a house in the middle of the lake. New sounds – crickets at night, other animals, etc.
Whether there will be separate mechanics or changes to the current ones, we will see a little later.

And down below this is one of the first prototypes of the Night map concept, from 2016:

15 thoughts on “WoT: Night Maps

  1. I wonder how they are going to implement lights on tanks. Maps are cool and stuff, but tanks do have a moving light source.

    1. Well tanks like the Leo 1 and E50M line already have 3D styles with lights on, as to some of the battlepass 3D styles

  2. Oh yes please, it’s already late but still better than nothing.
    This must come with an entirely new spotting mechanics to refresh everything.
    I assume all tanks will have a penalty to viewrange but not too much and a really narrow spotting arc.
    Tanks will actually use their headlights. Engine/gun sounds might make a difference.
    That will make sense for the night environments.

      1. If you’re the one in charge, do you make an entirely new mode just for some visual changes?
        Call it “night maps” but the only thing changed is how everything looks?
        I don’t use my brain so, can you do me a favor?
        Please fuck off.

        1. Nobody spoke about any “new mode”. This is NOT a new mode. These are “night maps” as of maps at night. That’s all.

          What you suggesting is already in the game and called SteelHunter.

          1. Oh I forgot that mode entirely =))))))
            So there are that kind of mechanics in the game.
            All they need to do is adjusting some parameters. That’s not a hard work and does not take a lot of time.
            Nobody said new mode but that was how they presented it, along with Random Events, Recon Missions,…
            All of those are either entirely new maps or existing maps with additional mechanics.
            That’s why I hope for something fresh, not some simple visual add-ons or cosmetic changes.
            If you wanna keep teaching me how not to look forward to the future, go on as you wish.

    1. Sadly it will use too much of game resources, and will require serious game balancing, which of course may take up a year or more, and let’s not talk about premium tanks with the mechanics you mentioned lol. Better just keep it as it is.

      1. As the above guy mentioned, there is Steel Hunter with similar spotting mechanics already in the game.
        So that will not take a lot of time and efforts to implement it.
        But yes, it will take a lot of time for everything to get in the line with entirely new mechanics.
        Consider how WG is doing and what WG is doing… aiz.
        I shouldn’t hope for anything.

    2. They are just dialing it in from 2016. It’s just a small multi-billion dollar company, they need time!


  3. If night mode is just a visual then it pretty boring.
    on top of my head couple of ways WG can make this different.

    Reduced all viewrange may be 10 to 20 percents
    Reduced camo after firing the gun (it easier to get spotted due to muzzle flash)
    Proxy spoting reduced from 50m to 30m

    but of course implement this change need some work to be done which I hope WG isnt too lazy to do so. otherwise it will be a massed

    1. Just hope it’s not some useless cosmetics & now adding some unique mechanics.

      SH spotting mechanics.
      Much less view range.
      Much less camo after firing.
      Reduced proxy spotting.
      & Add a usable headlights that could be turned on/off to help spot & hide.

  4. If you want to play night mode.. just turn the monitor screen brightness down.
    No developer coding work needed.
    Even a child can do that…

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