WoT Supertest: XM66F

The frontal turret armor reaches up to 230 mm, while the frontal hull armor reaches up to 95 mm. Its durability is 1,300 HP, the top forward speed is 35 km/h, and its specific power is 13.6 h.p./t.

The vehicle is armed with a 120 mm gun. It deals 400 HP of damage per shot, with 232 mm of penetration with the standard shell and 276 mm with its special shell. The reload speed is 10 s. The gun has a dispersion of 0.38 at 100 m, an aiming time of 2.3 s, and 10 degrees of gun depression.

Thanks to its good turret armor and convenient gun depression, you can effectively play from the hull-down position and use various objects on the map to cover your weakly armored hull. Its handy 120 mm gun allows players to deliver fire from any distance, which makes this TD truly versatile.

13 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: XM66F

    1. before the HE rework I believed a DERP line starting from the M45 with some of the 165mm AVRE’s /M46, M47 and M60) and some from the “Starship era” (M60A2, XM66, SM66D, T95, MBT MR, etc) could be interesting
      if you did not like to sit back and lob HEAT or HESH shells you could still close in to “shotgun blast” everything with HE, now not so much

      1. WG tried with the second Chinese HT line and they had to scrap the big guns during testing, HE post-nerf simply doesn’t work anymore. ๐Ÿ™

        1. well, a potential American DERP line would be a true DERP line, not like with the 2nd Chinese HT line
          the high arc HEAT&HE (or HEP/HESH) shell lobbing type
          shell velocity in the same order of the Sheridan/T49 (<700 m/s) with the 165mm AVRE gun being even slower (<300 m/s), not like the Chinese HTs
          but yes, post-nerf it is no longer viable

      2. -In the first HE overwork they should have fixed that aiming reticle jumping (what i mean is when you played like a kv2 10 years ago and a enemy was on a ridgeline, your crosshair jumped up and down even where you aimed was the hill edge, but its still today the problem.

        Yeah practically HE/HESH is dead i spend 20 million credits for the 183 before they silently did this patch otherwise i would saved my credits and just bought the fv4005 and could have bought me several other tier 10s by the remaining credits, but thats what the company goes out for now, just play now some games and spectate the Supsription tanks (ts 54) paying 9 euros a month and cant even drive or drive arround corners, or even manouver on the map, or fastest things want to be TDs this game is literally in a dying status, when you dont even need to boost more currency per game and a special tank, but in general a afk farming mechanic for the crews its only now slaughter the biggest out, if i would be allowed i would sell my account for a friction of i invested in it and that company would have someone that would be invest his money into them, but sadly its illegal so im stuck with it.

        1. they were not silent about it, back when the sandbox was still a thing, WG tested this iteration of HE mechanics
          content creators were warning everyone about it way before the patch went live, but we of course cannot expect a sufficient number of players to join the sandbox and leave feedback saying that such massive HE mechanics nerf would make the game less enjoyable
          but wait a couple of years and I bet we will see some premium come out with the old version HE and they will make a ton of money with it

  1. Interesting this emphasis on American and European concept machines; it’s almost as though Russia was not a thing anymore! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Dunno how the development timeline matches up, but… might be related in some way to the T110E4?

      1. it does not
        the XM66 program is related to the M60A2 “Starship”
        in this era of US tank development the Ordnance Department had started being more flexible about tank procurement and stopped “putting all eggs in the one basket” so each program had dozens of concepts each
        I am not a researcher so I cannot tell you if something at least similar to it exists in the archives, but I can at least point out the turret resembles the ones from other concepts and mockups from the same era
        Chrysler K (the 2nd one)
        MBR MR
        plus there was a 120mm armed M60 concept before it got built

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