WoT Battle Pass 2023: Season XI

Season XI of Battle Pass will be a hot topic this entire summer from May 31 through September 6. There are new Core Vehicles, each with a flashy progressive style, as well as new heroes whose adventures take them to historical lands by a big warm sea. The loot list has been improved (see the full guide below), with Experimental Equipment among the Base Rewards, gold in the Improved Rewards, and adjusted bond yields. Also, the Collection is available from the start of the Season. Finally, expect a series of Challenges that offer extra prizes, along with an additional time-limited Chapter (coming around mid-Season) that includes a Premium tank among its rewards!

Complete Chapters in Any Order


The son of an Australian Army officer who was rarely praised by his father, which made him a perfectionist in all things. While he is an outgoing person with many friends, he follows army regulations to the letter. He is a bit narcissistic, but he will never admit it to anyone—not even himself.


Colette grew up in the countryside and never tried to be ladylike. If she ever carries a handbag, it is only to conceal her Ruby pistol. She defies the rules and always speaks her mind, which is why she is still a lieutenant. But as long as she is in command of her crew, she does not seem to care.


No glory or recognition needed—Stefan always performs missions with the utmost responsibility. He was forced to serve away from his fatherland, and recently, he lost his only friend on a mission that should have lasted eight hours. In moments of despair, he hums his favorite song about red poppies.


This additional time-limited Battle Pass Chapter is much like a standard one, but it has a Tier VIII Premium vehicle among its Base Rewards.
The mechanics of progressing through Season XI are well known to those who played in the previous Season. Activate any Chapter, switch to another if you want, and come back later to continue from where you stopped. Try to finish every Chapter to max out the progressive styles, unlock the experienced crew members, and turn your hard-earned Battle Pass Points into additional goodies. You can earn Battle Pass Points in Random Battles (playing in Tier VI–X vehicles), as well as in Onslaught, Frontline, and Steel Hunter: Reborn.
Obtain Unique Progressive Styles

“Hello, Dad. I hope you and Mom are doing well and don’t miss me much. Things are looking up for me! I think I’ll be promoted for the success of Operation Husky, just like you wanted. You should see the beast I command: a captured Japanese tank, as huge and reliable as a sledgehammer. Before our landing, our engineers reworked it so well, even you’d be surprised.
We’re on the mainland now, moving north—though not too fast. But we’ll get through it! We have no other choice. I’ve also made two friends: a bold French girl named Colette and a guy with a complicated fate named Stefan. They’re great guys, but you might not say so at first glance.
In all other respects, things are the same. As they say, a front line is a front line.
Sincerely, your son Ian.
P.S. When we’re done here, I’ll bring you a captured Parabellum.”

“You probably think I became a commander while drinking coffee with croissants? You two have fewer combat missions under your belts than I do. Here, you know-it-all—take a closer look at this tank destroyer. You think I got this war trophy for my ‘beaux yeux?’ Yes, it looks very much like the French one, but it’s a German design! Like the flamethrowers, which, you can be sure, will bring the heat during the first breakthrough. When you understand what makes the compressors work, then you’ll be able to call yourself a tankman. But for now, don’t take too much on yourselves, guys, and don’t tell me who, when, and from where to attack. Je me casse.”

“Do you remember, Yanka, how we volunteered for the Army? You signed up as Andrzej and didn’t respond to this name for the first couple of days. I didn’t think we’d be sent to the South—it’s too far from home. Well, Africa’s no resort, but we’re not timid—we did it!
Looks to me we’ll have a hard time in Italy, too, but who’s going to ask us?
My only dream is to come back to my homeland and build a house when this is all over. A small one by the river. To live a normal life—although it seems it’ll never be normal again… All right, everything will be fine. We’ll take a steam bath, and that grandma will treat us to smalec. Be careful and come back soon, and I’ll take care of that famed Duplex Drive system. The landing is serious business, so I’ll be working here ’til morning.”

Gather the Collection and Experience the Story

With the Collection available from the start, get into the thick of the highly atmospheric plot of Season XI straight away. Unlock its Elements by reaching certain Stage thresholds and get to know the heroes better. In addition to some juicy details, completing the Collection will grant you three extra Tokens and a special decal.

Receive Base and Improved Rewards

The places our heroes are heading to are famous for their riches. Check out the Season XI loot!

Earn Experimental Equipment

By finishing the Chapters of Season XI, you not only finalize their respective progressive styles and acquire unique and experienced crew members, but you also expand your stock of Experimental Equipment. You can earn four of each of the types: Fire-Control System, Mobility Improvement System, and Survival Improvement Suite.

Items for Tokens

Tokens are a special reward currency exclusive to Battle Pass. They accumulate over the course of the year from all the Battle Pass Seasons you take part in throughout 2023. In Season XI, you can earn up to 21 Tokens as Progression rewards (12 as Base Rewards and nine as Improved Rewards), plus up to three additional Tokens for gathering Collection Elements. Spend Tokens in the Items for Tokens section of the in-game Store to redeem valuable goodies, such as Bounty Equipment and nine rare Tier IX vehicles. In Season XI, you can accumulate enough Tokens to grab the BZ-58-2 or—if you saved up at least three Tokens from Season X—the KPz 3 Projekt 07 HK.


During Season XI, Challenges will be available via the Tournaments game menu for those who play in Tier IX Battle Pass reward vehicles. That includes the newcomers to the roster: the BZ-58-2 and the KPz 3 Projekt 07 HK. Follow the news, sign up for Challenges, outperform the competition, and earn prizes!


Once you complete all three main Chapters of Season XI, you’ll have access to the Reward section of the in‑game Store. It’s where you can spend Battle Pass Points on bonds and progressive styles, as well as crew members from previous Seasons.

The Reward section of the in-game Store will be available until September 6, 2023.


You can obtain the Improved Pass for any Season XI Chapter for 2,500 gold on the Battle Pass screen in your Garage. Both the in-game Store and the Premium Shop have real-money offers of bundles that include the Improved Pass for all Chapters, as well as value bundles. On top of giving you the full Improved Pass, value bundles allow you to receive 250 gold daily for up to 30 days if you play a single Random Battle that day.

A new journey awaits, Commanders!

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  1. Honestly kinda like they’re adding some gold to the Improved Battle Pass, as that helps cut down the cost of the Battle Pass overall. Good change and while I have zero plans to go back to the Japanese heavies (since they’re all pretty much trash now), the rest looks good to me 😁

    1. The caveat is that gold is available in “value bundles” that will be “real-money offers”. We’ll haveto wait and see if these offers will have more value than simply buying gold in premium shop.

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