WoT Supertest: Changes to Ensk Map

In this Supertest, we are testing the potential expansion of the Ensk map.

0 – The size of the map has been expanded from 600×600 to 1000×1000 m. A new direction has been added within the green area, and the bases have been relocated. Now, vehicles have a much lower chance of taking hits at the beginning, and the initial maneuvers have become safer.

1 – The key position of the new direction is the hill with the water tower. A number of positions have been added for controlling the direction and playing in medium and light tanks.

2 – The direction on the green area along the map border has been expanded. It now includes enough positions to repel enemy attacks.

3 – The number of trains in the center of the map has been reduced, and it is now possible to change flanks through the map center.

4 – The main clash zone for heavily armored vehicles has been improved: more positions have been added, and the firing distance has been increased to avoid turbo-play in this direction and synchronize it with the gameplay in the green area.

5 – The clash zone for heavy tanks has received new play areas along the map border to conduct flank maneuvers and defend the direction.

8 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: Changes to Ensk Map

  1. This map hasn’t been changed since 1.0 right? 1.0 was in late 2017 or 2018?
    I couldn’t remember the exact number but it took them only about half a decade to think about expanding a super small map that has been constantly giving you 4-min battles for years.
    Truly a good sign =))))))))

  2. The only map that has it tough for arty, camping tank destroyers, and hull down tanks, and now they are ruining it. PLEASE DON’T TOUCH MY FAVOURITE MAP!

    1. This map is bad for almost every kind of tank and every kind of player.
      Only quick-burst autoloaders like this map.
      Battles on Ensk is 4 mins + 30s driving on average.
      How on Earth somebody actually likes this map?

      1. Its good for heavies to be honest, and i have great performance on 430U also, its just bad for paper tds with good camo, versatile meds, sniper tanks, arty, and obviously lights (but himmeldorf is even worst for lights)

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