WoT: Answer the Call to Mars Challenge With Martian Containers and the TL-7!


Our Call to Mars event has arrived! In this guide, we introduce you to Martian Containers, announce a special challenge, and take a closer look at the big-ticket items—including Premium vehicles and customization items—you could find in the Martian Containers. We also have a guide on how to play the brand-new IXTL-7 .

Martian Containers

Available from May 11 at 15:00 CEST through May 22 at 03:00 CEST (UTC+2)

How Martian Containers Work

  • You can purchase a total of 500 Martian Containers per day from the Premium Shop. Bundles are available with 5, 15, 50, or 75 containers, along with an equal number of battle missions for ×5 XP.
  • For every 50 containers opened, you’re guaranteed 1 of the 10 Premium vehicles. If a vehicle drops before the 50th container, the counter resets.
  • You can only receive vehicles you don’t already have in your Garage. Once you have all 10 vehicles, the next vehicle drop will grant the vehicle’s value in gold instead.
  • If you don’t open all of your Martian Containers in time, they will open automatically at the end of the event.

Complete List of Martian Container Items

One of the following (100% probability):

1 Day of WoT Premium Account 1 Personal Reserve: 50% to credits for 1 hour
3 Days of WoT Premium Account 1 Personal Reserve: 50% to XP for 1 hour
7 Days of WoT Premium Account 1 Personal Reserve: 200% to Free XP and Crew XP for 1 hour
1 ×5 XP mission 1 Training Manual (random nation)
3 ×5 XP missions 1 Personal Training Manual
5 ×5 XP missions 250,000
One of the following (25% probability):
1 Training Manual (random nation) 1 Personal Training Manual
1 Universal Manual
One of the following (20% probability):
9 Alien decals 9 Take Off decals
9 “31 Seconds to Mars” decals 9 Space Shuttle decals
9 Vostok-1 decals Full Course 2D style
Zero Gravity 2D style Ad Astra 2D style
Moon Viewing 2D style Conquer the Stars 2D style
First Spaceflight 2D style Into Space! 2D style
Up 2D style Thomas Farmer crew skin
Pavel Bykhovsky crew skin Malcom Harland crew skin
Fyodor Simonchuk crew skin James Lagvik crew skin
One of the following (2% probability):

Call to Mars Challenge

Available from May 11 through May 21. Prime Time: 11:00–23:00 CEST (UTC+2)

Once you have the TL-7, you can participate in our Call to Mars Challenge! Don’t miss your chance to grab a chunk of the 140,000 gold prize pool! Dive into battle during the times listed above, and try your best to earn as much Base XP as possible. You can check your progress on the Leaderboard via the link to the challenge sign-up page below.

The administrator reserves the right to penalize unsportsmanlike behavior by removing players from the Leaderboard or revoking their access to challenges permanently.


  • Ranks 1–10: 2,500 gold
  • Ranks 11–50: 1,000 gold
  • Ranks 51–300: 300 gold


  • Based on the amount of Base XP earned, your 15 best battles will be added up to determine your place on the Leaderboard


  • Only available in the IXTL-7
  • A minimum of 20 battles must be played during the event period in order to rank
  • Platoons are not restricted
  • Only in Random Battles
Register via the button below, or in-game by going to the TOURNAMENTS tab in the Garage and then clicking CHALLENGES.


Meet the TL-7

Introducing the IXTL-7 . Don’t miss this opportunity to add an American four-round autoloader to your Garage, exclusively available from the Martian Containers. If you’re lucky enough to find one, here’s what you should know before hitting the battlefield.

The first American tank destroyer with an autoloader in the game, the TL-7 is all about mid- to close-range burst fire. The 120 mm cannon’s four-round clip can dish out 360 HP per round, with an intra-clip 2.3 s reload time, for a potential 1,440 DPM. However, there are a few drawbacks: The 0.4 m dispersion is low for a tank destroyer, while 252 mm of penetration is average among its Tier IX peers. Shell velocity fares a bit better, with 1,060 m/s for AP and 1,492 m/s on APCR rounds.

Martian Containers: Other Vehicles

FV4201 Chieftain Proto

The IXFV4201 Chieftain Proto is a multi-role heavy with an incredibly tough turret and decent frontal armor, great gun depression, and a respectable 400 HP of alpha damage shot. Like its Tier X brother, this heavy boasts an impressive mix of characteristics, allowing it to dominate positional battles or win one-on-one duels.

ASTRON Rex 105 mm

The VIIIASTRON Rex 105 mm has plenty of things going for it. From an imposing 5-round autoloader to a 52 km/h top speed and decent 390 m view range, it can carry its weight in every situation. Use the great 60 deg/s traverse speed to flank enemies and unleash 1,600 HP of damage in 16 seconds.


Boasting great burst potential, the VIIIT77 has reason to be confident. Thanks to its fast shell cycling and 360 HP of alpha damage, it can deal 1,080 HP of damage in just four seconds! And with 232/299/60 mm of penetration and 8 degrees of gun depression, it knows how to leave a lasting mark, even in the most inopportune moments.


The VIIIT-44-100 is a jack-of-all-trades with an answer to every challenge the battlefield might present. Go on the offensive with 2,000 DPM, a short 2-second aiming time, and a quick rate of fire. Or use its tough turret and spaced armor skirts to defend the base, before launching a counterattack with its 52 km/h top speed.


The VIIIKV-4 KTTS boasts a rear-mounted turret and a striking similarity to the KV-4 heavy tank. The tank destroyer’s low maneuverability and mediocre mobility are counterbalanced by well-sloped frontal armor that makes it difficult to damage. It is armed with a 107 mm high-penetration gun that deals 360 HP of damage per shot and has a reload time of under nine seconds.


The VIIIIS-3A resembles other squat Soviet heavies with bouncy turrets, but it can fire three shells in rapid succession from its 122 mm cannon. Its autoreloading mechanics offer a great burst potential of 1,170 HP of damage, ensuring that you never go too long without another shot in the three-shell clip.

Bofors Tornvagn

The VIIIBofors Tornvagn combines thick 260 mm frontal armor with an unusual turret design that makes it almost impenetrable. The 120 mm gun hits like Mjölnir and can slice through 248 mm of enemy armor with standard shells and up to 297 mm with its lightning-fast special APCR shells.

E 75 TS

The VIIIE 75 TS is a powerful and mobile German tank. With a top speed of 45 km/h and a good power-to-weight ratio, it is one of the fastest heavy tanks in its tier. Use the solid frontal turret armor to take opponents head-on and ram into them. Alternatively, keep your distance and take out enemies with the powerful cannon that deals 360 HP of alpha damage and a brilliant 227 mm of penetration.


The VIIIKV-5 is a true heavy tank behemoth, with a massive 1,780 HP and almost impenetrable armor. Its 107 mm gun packs a powerful punch with a reasonable rate of fire that can chip away at enemy HP. Plus, its 40 km/h top speed, combined with 100 tons of steel, allows it to charge straight into battle, crushing anything in its way.

New 2D Styles

“Full Course”
Zero Gravity”


Martian Containers may also contain one of five decals:
Join the Call to Mars Challenge, grab Martian Containers until May 22 at 03:00 CEST (UTC+2), and discover out-of-this-world rewards!

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