WoT: Update 1.20.1 – WoT Plus and Crew System Revision

Changes to WoT Plus

Free demounting of “Improved Equipment,” the equipment type purchasable with bonds, was perceived as a bonus that would give subscribers an advantage. Our intention with WoT Plus is to provide subscribers comfort and convenience, not an upper hand in battles. Therefore, “Improved Equipment” will be excluded from the list of equipment that can be demounted for free with a WoT Plus subscription.

Changes to Crew Perks

The crew system has been an essential part of World of Tanks since its early days. It allows for fine-tuning a vehicle, boosting its best features, and mitigating shortcomings. These benefits stay with players as they advance through the tech tree, taking crews with them.

New perks and adjusting existing ones were meant to add more flexibility and diversity to the crew perks selection and make it more useful. However, this was negatively perceived as an increase in the disparity among the player base between competitive players, veterans with experienced crews, and new players. We do not intend to raise the number of perks needed to ensure that players can remain competitive during a battle in terms of vehicle performance.

As a result, we have made the decision not to introduce the new perks in their current state or proceed with the rebalancing of existing ones tested during the Common Tests.

Please note, there is no need for a 30-day promotion that allows you to reset crew perks for free or to credit 12 retraining orders to all players.

Quality-of-Life Improvements to the Crew System

The revamped Crew System introduces several quality-of-life updates that were well-received by the community due to their usefulness. Additionally, these updates provide us with a solid foundation for future enhancements to crew perks and crew progressions. Thus, Update 1.20.1 will implement the following changes:

  • Unifying perks and skills into perks that work from the start and become more effective as the level of major qualification increases. For example, the “Brothers in Arms” perk will start taking effect at 1%, even if only one crew member is trained in it.
  • Removing experience penalties for injured crew members.
  • Adding a battle interface for situational perks.
  • Providing clear descriptions of perks and their effects.
  • Displaying the effects of all perks in the vehicle characteristics widget.

We would like to thank all those who participated in the Common Tests of the update, as your involvement has been instrumental in shaping the game’s future. Conducting public testing of updates before introducing them to the live game is a crucial step in this process, allowing us to collect reactions and gather feedback to create a better game for everyone.

Although Update 1.20.1 has introduced many new features and improvements, we have faced some challenges with two specific aspects of the update. WoT Plus will require some additional minor adjustments, while the Crew system will undergo more extensive changes. We are committed to addressing the issues raised by the community and ensuring that these features meet our high standards. Let’s dive into how we plan to accomplish this.

We want to extend our appreciation for your continuous support and valuable feedback, which has empowered us to take an exciting next step with World of Tanks in Update 1.20.1. With a host of new features and enhancements, we believe that the game will be even more enjoyable for all players. Stay tuned to the portal for further details on the update’s contents and our upcoming roadmap announcement outlining the planned content for later in 2023.

Thank you for being an integral part of the World of Tanks community, and we hope to see you soon on the battlefield!

Roll Out!

25 thoughts on “WoT: Update 1.20.1 – WoT Plus and Crew System Revision

  1. I was sort of looking forward to the new crew system, but I can understand players recoiling in horror. I interact on a regular basis with a guy who was a serious NA player when WoT was heavily into eSports (with Team SIMP), and he’s sick of what he calls “World of Builds.”

    Good that “free” demounting of bond equipment went away. That was the single most obnoxious thing about WoT-plus.

  2. improved equipment removal was not as bad as it seemed for tier 8 and above limiting it to tier 8 and above or at least tier 10 was enough
    Now there isnt enough incentişve for wot plus

    1. really? for those who are willing to pay a little, you get a free t8 rental prem, extra map ban (which is huge), gold income, some small passive crew training, and free equip demounting. I honestly think its fine

      1. I know its good value but not enough for me to pay every month I mean little need for gold for demounting which is free in wot plus so no use of gold and already have plenty of premiums so renatl isnt a good option crew training isnt that much huge xp and I already have 5-6 skills on my favourite tanks so?
        Again I dont say its bad value but its good for those who need it

          1. Free swap of bond equipment is something only the most serial tryhards would’ve cared about. Imagine having hundreds of tanks and every single time you move from one tank to the next you’re opening windows to move equipment.

            Sounds like what you have to do in Digital Devil Saga before boss fights, except much more clumsy.

  3. Extra Map Exclusion is still a very P2W feature, especially when you’re marking tier 10 LTs. There will be people who buy it regardless, but of course numbers will decrease massively.
    Even though we literally won this time. I’m still very concerned about WoT’s future because of WG’s devs. They have showed their extreme incompetence.
    Even though WoT will live a bit longer because of this update cancellation, the decline has already started. Many of us have lost our faith.

  4. Ofcourse all the players listen the the CC’s and are unable to think for them selves. The free demount of bond equipment was just fint if you limited it to tier 8, 9 and 10. And for players without WoT+ they could just have reduced the amount of bonds required for demounting or even make demounting available for credits. This is so fucking lame that everybody thinks this a big win. It’s trash!

    1. The average internet user lacks brain capacity, and that applies to every aspect of the internet – from message boards to video games and so on (especially these). These people need to be fed ideas or they would not be able to come up with anything, so they eat anything thrown at them, and internet personalities know and exploit this.

      CCs screeched as much as they did because they would’ve been hit hard by the rework, as the rest of high skill players would’ve. They also would’ve been the only ones to really abuse the free equipment swap with WoT+.

      Everyone else wouldn’t have given a shit.

      1. I thought quickybaby singlehandedly got wot to ditch the update from the way he was claiming victory

      2. If that Crew Rework goes through, even though I will be sad because I already knew the game would come to an end, I will not complain for farming players like you with my 8-skill E5.
        The rest of my crews from tier 8 to 10 has 6+ skills. It’s is yes annoying for knowing I might not be as competitive as before against extremely old players but I’m still sure that my crews are better than 95% if not more than the rest of the playerbase.
        So what are you trying to say? Proving yourself as a really braindead who supports P2W because you’re getting farmed everyday?
        “The average internet user” he said =)))))

    2. Yes most of the community is f2p/avg players who don’t have full knowledge of what’s happening in the game so they listen to those who are more experienced than them.
      But why do you have to be that “superior” guy?
      Supporting P2W will just kill the game faster. It doesn’t matter if that free Bond equip demounting is limited in tier 8+.
      Or are you a WG employee? You’ve been roasted by both players and your boss for doing such a poor job for the whole of the last month?
      It’s so fucking lame there are people like you among the players so WG still can do whatever they want with the game just like what they have done this time.

      1. What do you care? You dont even play WOT anymore… or was that another of your bs lies.

        1. Who said that?
          I haven’t touched WoT for a month doesn’t mean I’ve quit the game entirely.
          When I want to 3mark something, I’ll come back.
          When there is a rewarding event happening, I’ll be there for the grind.
          What’s wrong with these guys defending P2W in WoT???

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