The Best Tanks In The World of Tanks: 2023 Review (P)

There’s hardly any armored game that offers you the same equal chances and strengths, and this also applies to the World of Tanks. Many gamers will agree that this is one of the factors that makes the game even more exciting as the opportunity to find out the strengths in every amour and the most powerful one in each gamer’s books is left open.

Players have been challenged even more as the game continues to evolve and become more exciting. The proof of it is in the sales statistics: according to the data of the promotional codes portal Promocodius, the World of Tanks’ popularity around the world is steadily increasing every year by about 7%, and in 2023, there will be approximately 210,000 active players.

If you’re a gamer interested in these tank battles and you would like to know the best free tanks according to tiers to get you great chances even against premium tanks, then these four options, known to be the very best the game has to offer in the first four tiers, are for you.

  1. Tier I – Leichttraktor

As a World of Tanks beginner, you get many amours to pick from. Unarguably, many of the options in this tier are great for the game level as they are well-skilled and easy to master. As long as you know how to use your chosen tank, then you stand a good chance of being a victor. Also, a good option is to use some extras so you can purchase needed items to make the gameplay smoother: most gamers note that they use different codes and coupons like World of Warships bonus code, especially in the beginning. However, the best tank for this tier remains the German Leichttrakor. It possesses the best stock gun of all vehicles in this tier and has the best accuracy with next-level offensive capabilities.

  1. Tier II – Pz. II

German tanks are leading in these tiers, as the pick for tier two is the Pz.Kpfw. If you have played this level to an extent, then you know that this undoubtedly outperforms other guns in this tier effortlessly. As expected of most Panzers, which can be accessed with a World of Tanks promo code, this also has rear and side armor limitations. However, it is the best for combat scenarios.

  1. Tier III – Cruiser III

The damage this British tank can handle is crazy with its 15 degrees of gun depression and high penetration. This British bad boy is exactly what you need to dispel any enemy in a competition. However, using this requires skill. Hough it causes a lot of damage to foes, players also need to remember that it has ultra-thin armor and poor survivability skills.

  1. Tier IV – P26/40

We have many great options in tier IV, like the German Pz.Iv and the US T6. Hence, many gamers might find the P26/40 an unexpected choice. However, this Italian tank crosses all the T’s other offerings in this tier left unattended, making it the perfect weapon to destroy every other tank in this level. In terms of its reload time, damage per minute, and even penetrating armor, it is unmatched.

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