WoT EU: Join the Battle With HandOfBlood

Please welcome a new addition to your favorite tank crew and the exclusive roster of unique in-game Commanders! Maximilian Knabe, AKA HandOfBlood, is ready to join the fight!

Modeled after the famous German YouTuber and livestreamer HandOfBlood, this Commander adds a new level of excitement to your battles in German vehicles. With his unique voice lines, you’ll feel like the real HandOfBlood is manning your tank, cheering you on to victory.

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HandOfBlood Commander Bundles

Available from March 26 at 06:00 CEST through April 26 at 06:00 CEST (UTC+2)

But who is HandOfBlood, you might ask? HandOfBlood, also known as Maximilian Knabe, or Hänno for his fans, is a popular web video producer, live streamer, e-sports host, cosplayer, and entrepreneur with over 2.56 million subscribers on YouTube. You can join him every Sunday for wacky gaming videos, where he regularly tortures himself with various games, drives other creators crazy in horror games, and takes the realism of simulators to the highest level.

His Commander is now available exclusively for German vehicles in three bundles, either with the fierce VIIIRheinmetall Skorpion G , the historic VITiger 131 , or by himself. Get them directly from the Premium Shop.

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  1. Too much additional trash, 23,99€ for Hänno and so much crap, nah thanks..

        1. Ah, the “every german is a nazi”-fun.. it´s getting old, u lame muppet.

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