WoT CT 1.20.1: Reworked Crew Perk System

We are continuing to work on a comprehensive rework of crews in World of Tanks. In Update 1.18.1, the Sixth Sense perk became a special Commander feature, which was the first step in implementing changes to the crew concept. Since then, we’ve been gradually moving forward, selecting and improving some of the ideas shown on the Sandbox server in 2021 that received positive feedback from you. And now, we’re ready to share with you the next big change: the reworked crew perk system.

In the new system, all perks become available immediately once you start training them. At first, their effect will be less noticeable, but the more you train the perk, the more its mastery increases. Additionally, the major qualification level now affects almost all perks (excluding Brothers in Arms)—the higher it is, the stronger the perk effect.

We’ve also updated many of the existing perks. Some of them have been improved; others have received new features that will make them more effective. We’ve also added nine new perks. For example, Quick Aiming improves aiming time by 2.5% when fully trained, and Close Combat accelerates gun loading time by 2.5% at distances of 50 meters or less from the enemy when fully trained.

There will be 33 perks in total, and each crew member will have six perks available, regardless of their major qualification. Check it out!

By combining the updated perks with the new ones, you can experiment more freely with your crews, adjusting them to suit your playstyle for each vehicle. To make it easier for you to navigate the whole variety of perks, they will be conditionally divided into the following three categories:

  • Group perks that several crew members can have
  • Individual perks that are available only to a crew member of a specific major qualification
  • Perks with situational effects, which are triggered when certain conditions are met on the battlefield—special notifications will be displayed in the game interface when these perks take effect during battle, which you can enable/disable in the game settings

Firefighting will become an individual Radio Operator perk. If any of your crew members already possess the Firefighting perk, the XP you spent to train it will be redistributed upon the release of Update 1.20.1 in the following order of priority:

  1. To reach 100% of your crew member’s major qualification (if it was below 100%)
  2. To train the last perk of the crew member to 100% (if there was any perk that was not fully trained)
  3. The remaining XP can be spent on a new perk of your choice

Interface and Other Improvements

We’ve also redesigned crew interfaces by making them clearer and more informative. For example, the effects of all perks will now be displayed in the vehicle characteristics widget in the Garage. On top of that, we’ve added helpful new tooltips and perk descriptions.

Another nice bonus is that there will no longer be an XP penalty when you finish a battle with injured crew members.

Last but not least, upon logging in to the game, you will instantly receive 12 Retraining Orders, allowing you to reset perks for free.

In the future, other improvements to the crew concept will follow. Join the Common Test, experiment with different perk combinations, and build dream crews for your favorite vehicles!

11 thoughts on “WoT CT 1.20.1: Reworked Crew Perk System

  1. Not sure I agree, but the game is already pretty well busted, so who cares if they take it a step further? They certainly wouldn’t.

    Would have appreciated an update like this to crew skills like >5 years ago when I still played. At this point, it’s not gonna get me to come back.

    1. loads of deadweight skills/perks in the game right now, this is needed. as per norm community just whines about it.

    1. ps though ye its overdue they streamline that system
      Not like it matters… what good are skills if your (5man) team dies in 3m flat

    2. if you really have a problem with “racist chat”, feel free to turn it off. that should solve your issue.

  2. Shell training? That’s all we need is for cheat ammo to be more powerful. Heavy tanks aren’t worth the grind as it is because of premium rounds, let’s make it worse.

  3. Sure, let’s kill off the free 2 player players and make the game completely pay to win with things no one asked from. The pure greed of this is where a line needs to be drawn.

    1. If you don;t like it then leave and dont play. It really is not that difficult. But for you crying wankers it seems almost impossible to comprehend.

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