WoT ST: Changes To Mountain Pass

The height of the hills in field H8 has been reduced so that the lower team can reach the positions for tank destroyers faster. The firing position along lines 9 and 0 was closed.

For the transition in fields F9-F0 and E9-E0, intermediate cover has been added to allow vehicles to reach the lower base more safely. A toxic position on the shore of field E0 was removed.

In fields E9 and B6, galleries and cover have been added for both teams to allow medium and long distance matches.

In fields C7, D7 and D8, the encounter zone for heavy tanks has been extensively revised. The terrain was revised, new cover options created and the playable area expanded.

In fields H6–H7, part of the hills were pruned and vegetation removed to open a small firing path from the positions of the tank destroyers in field H8, similar to the upper base.

The lowlands in fields H5-H6 have been deepened to allow the vehicles of the lower team to move more safely in the area.

The galleries in fields G5–H5 and E3–F4 have been revised. Now vehicles from both teams can move more safely through the passage areas. Furthermore, some new positions have been added, which allow encounters at medium distance.

In fields E2–G1, a gallery and some intermediate cover options have been added, and the playable area has been expanded to allow the lower team to more easily launch an attack towards the upper base.

New cover has been added to box F4.

A boulder has been added to field D4 to prevent vehicles from shooting at vehicles moving along the bridge from the tank destroyer position in field C3.

For this purpose, a number of smaller, not separately documented changes were made, by removing superfluous vegetation and smaller rocks along the routes to make the game of the map more pleasant.

The entry points for vehicles have been adjusted for both teams to make the initial routes more balanced at the beginning of the battle.

18 thoughts on “WoT ST: Changes To Mountain Pass

  1. Those changes are so kawaiii UwU. Thank you so much for posting this KSA San! =^-^=

  2. File Under: You can’t wash $#!+. I’d just as soon that this map went away. While not as bad as “Airfield,” it’s just another map that punishes you for trying to assert initiative.

      1. Hey bro, what are you doing here?
        You haven’t clicked the shit out of people you met in the game yet?
        Turn off your PC and do something useful, you will feel better than faking someone else on internet.

  3. So they’ve just added even more heavy tank hulldown positions to what is already a corridor map 🤦🏼‍♂️

    1. Living definition of 49% wr crybaby. When you jump of off that cliff the chances for win get significantly higher. Lot of time I appreciate such players.

  4. Most of the WOT Maps are now shit to play unless you’re in a press W only key Heavy Tank
    ~ this map was bad enough before, now it joined the more shitter WOT maps in the game, unless your a pressing W key in a Heavy Tank player.

    you know you would ‘think’ that by now after turning more and more of its WOT Maps into ‘improved comfortable no cover, smaller hills more buildings’ versions the vodka drinking befuddled Developer manager in charge of so-called Map developments (lol developments my arse)
    would have been sacked long ago or retired to ‘garden duties’ by now for utter incompetence.

    But its WG, and so every new day is another bottle of Vodka Day.

  5. It’s not the worst, but it’s not the best. The solution would be to expand the size of the maps. And decrease the size of terrain features that take up too much room such as bays, mountain ranges which serve little value since you can’t use them.

  6. Lets improve map design… for the botting and the ppl playing 3 tanks.
    Makes sense.
    Good changes but pearls before pigs

  7. They were supposed to add slopes on both side of the bridge and they are gone.
    Those fucking maps are rates retard testing maps.
    Like the beach of overlord and airfield some areas are idiots’ magnet 🧲, like flies going to a smelly turd, on mountain pass the bridge scares everyone because it’s boring but you always get fucked for not protecting it, the slopes where the least bad ideas and they removed them, useless Muppets as usuals

  8. Once again remove all soft cover and add more op spots for hull down armored tanks that already overperforming . You would think they would want to make it harder for the op armored tanks to do even more but nope remove all the soft cover and add hull downs makes a lot of sense . This is the go to fix to every map now add hull downs remove more soft cover witch there is almost none of any maps now . Sit in one bush and get blind fired bc usually only one usable bush on a the whole flank of a map.

  9. Now this change, everyone is complaining about more hulldown covers.
    But the thing is, this map was designed very poorly in the first place. Everything happens in this map is spotters from both sides take the middle for early spotting, HTs cannot cross and if they go to the ice road, they’re getting clicked to death by clickers.
    Any tank without armor can’t make any progress in this map. Both bases have extremely good defensive positions that can prevent pretty 2x or even more tanks from pushing to the bases, leading to a lot of draws and insane comebacks that shouldn’t be the case.
    Even though I have been bashing WG very hard for their dogshit balancing recently, I don’t think this specific change to this map is bad.
    This change makes defending in this map a lot harder as it should be.

    1. “Yes because they’re all TD” – WG said.
      But that’s not even the worst possible case.
      The worst case is when you pick a T57 HT and you always get matched up against one of these: 50B/Rino/Kran/Vz.55.
      If that’s a Rino then it’s okay. If that’s a 50B then it’s still okay but 50B players might be a CW tryharder.
      If that’s a Kran then you already know you’re in a big disadvantage.
      If that’s a Vz.55 then the first thing you say in the battle is: fuck this retarded MM system.
      I’ve experienced a battle where I was in my Leo1, my team got a T57, a Grille 15 while enemy team got Vz.55, UDES 15/16 and E3. The battle was in Malinovka against tier 8s.
      If our LT was better then we might stand a chance but he died in the first minute and what’s left was just us got stomped super hard, resulted in a 1-15 battle.
      It’s crazy how MM decides everything before it even starts.

      1. That isnt so frustrating, but when a battle has 3 E05 and 3 Maus none of them in platoon and MM puts all the E05 in my team and all the Maus in the enemy making us 2250 HP less, thats fkin cheating. And there are lots of battles one team full of tank A and the other team full of tank B.

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