The Impact Of Gambling Mechanics In Video Games

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Gambling started as a physical recreational activity that involved visiting and playing casino games in brick-and-mortar establishments. However, as more online technologies popped up, casinos began to adopt digitalization in the 90s. Today, there are thousands of online casinos, and players can access them with traditional devices like computers and smartphones.

Gambling and video games are currently the biggest sectors of virtual entertainment. Via diverse methods, both industries provide a wide range of products in the form of traditional video games and gambling sites. Of course, both industries focus on different aspects of virtual entertainment. However, only some people know there is a strong line of connection between both sectors.

Gambling has significantly impacted video games, and in this article, we will explore how this can benefit you as a player.


One major highlight of playing at an online casino is receiving promotional offers. It is part of why the online gambling industry has been taking a stable upward trajectory over the years. Today, players can get 100 free spins or even more for signing up and making small deposits on gambling sites.

There are also some no deposit casinos where players receive rewards even without making any real money deposits. Of course, players love it more when an incentive is attached to signing up for a service. Thus, the gambling industry threads on that advantage to attract more users.

Video games are also beginning to thread on this part of promotions, especially with the introduction of modern multiplayer games. For these games, rewards can include discounts for purchases using special promo codes or in-game rewards for carrying out simple tasks. In some games, players also receive points for playing daily.

Reward promotion is now a significant factor in both the gaming and online gambling sector, and it is already a strong driving force behind the success of both industries.

In-game Packs (Loot Boxes)

The existence of loot boxes is evidence of the impact of gambling mechanics in video games. This feature comes to play when players receive in-game rewards during gameplay. It is a system that follows the typical structure of RNG software in online casinos.

Players must deposit real money in most video games to receive these loot boxes. As expected, the content of these boxes is unpredictable, as it is all in the hands of the software.

This system in the video gaming sector is a direct adaptation of RNG software in online casinos. In casinos, it is applicable when making reward spins on bonus wheels or playing slot games.

In the gaming industry, some loot box items may include game characters, new skins, weapons, and other supplies. Unlike in the past, more games now feature loot box functionalities, resulting from the current buzz in the online gaming industry.

Pay-To-Win Gaming System

Often referred to as P2W, Pay-to-win is a simple gaming mechanic describing a game that allows players to purchase supplies that can give them huge advantages over competitors.

It is the same for VIP users in online casinos. As a VIP player, you earn access to several exclusive bonuses unavailable to regular customers. In addition, you also receive much higher bonus values, as well as other seasonal packages. Being a VIP comes with its price. You either have to pay for it by making huge deposits or earn the status by being a loyal and active member long-term.

Live Gaming Integration

Live gaming started in online casinos when gamblers began to play live tournaments from live game lobbies and chat rooms on computers. This concept is now being integrated into popular video games as most feature multiplayer functionalities. These games come with lobbies and chatrooms for a better live gaming experience.

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In the gambling sector, a bingo chat room or game lobby is the best place to find like-minded bingo players. The same applies to video games today, as you can find like-minded gamers in game-specific chat rooms and lobbies.
The whole concept draws a more social experience to traditional gaming, and it is a huge trend that may take further positive turns in the future.


So many video games use casino mechanics, which is common in both industries. From in-game currencies to other factors like promotions and loot boxes, the impact of online gambling has been beneficial to video games, and the relationship is vice versa.

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