The Japanese tier V Tank Destroyer Ho-Ni III will soon be heading to the Supertest.

The vehicle is a light tank destroyer with weak armor with 25mm armor on its hull  and a total durability of 420 HP. Its top speed is 40 km/h, and it has a specific power of 16.1 h.p./t.
The TD is armed with a 75 mm gun that can cause 130 HP of damage per shot. Its standard shell penetrates 160 mm of armor. The gun accuracy is 0.34 m withan aiming time of 1.7 s and reload time of 4.1 s.

The vehicle was assembled on the chassis of light tanks, which explains its size and features: the small silhouette will provide good concealment, while its quick-firing and accurate 75 mm gun will let you keep your enemy under heavy fire from a distance. The Ho-Ni III is able to realize its potential when firing from a distance and providing support to its allies.

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