WoT: Battle Pass Season X – Event Guide

from March 1, 2023 at 07:30 CET (UTC+1) through May 31, 2023

New progressive styles, an expanded roster of Token rewards (plus two brand-new vehicles), and a new piece of equipment (Bounty Hardening), there will be some things you’ve never seen before. You will be able to uncover the Season’s story and earn up to three more Tokens by completing the new Collection feature.

New Rewards and Features of Season X

  • The Core Vehicles of Season X are Xthe Rinoceronte , Xthe Maus , and  Xthe UDES 15/16.The progressive styles you can obtain for them are all desert-themed.
  • A desert-covered region is where a brand-new trio of hero tankers is heading—to engage in an armored treasure hunt with many obstacles to overcome.
  • The story of the heroes’ exploits unfolds in the descriptions of some of the Season X Stage and Chapter rewards. The styles, decals, medal, and crew members themselves form a Collection (a feature to be introduced later on in the Season). Depending on the number of Collection Elements (“plot items”) gathered, you can earn up to three additional Tokens during Season X.
  • A new piece of equipment—Bounty Hardening—will be among the progression and Token rewards.
  • The Tier IX reward roster has expanded with two brand-new vehicles: the KPz 3 Projekt 07 HK and the BZ-58-2.
  • On top of the usual selection, styles and crew members from Seasons VII and IX will now be offered in the Reward section of the in-game Store.

If you are new to Battle Pass, check out our comprehensive guide with all the rules and details.


Progressive Styles for New Core Vehicles

Here are the three desert-themed progressive styles of Season X:

Take a look at them below!

The Rinoceronte:

The Maus:

The UDES 15/16:

As usual, each style has four levels. Level I unlocks once you activate the corresponding Chapter for the first time, and Level IV is reached when you complete that Chapter.

New Battle Pass Heroes

These are the new characters you can recruit after you complete their Chapters:

Bold and familiar-looking Sandro Mancini from Italy

Introverted and meticulous Emil Kittel from Germany

Enigmatic and aloof Rebecca Holmberg from Sweden

Each of the crew members comes with Brothers in Arms as a zero perk and enough XP to train two more skills or perks. You will also be able to select their nation and main specialization.

Bounty Hardening and Other Rewards

The list of Season X Base and Improved Rewards is long and includes days of WoT Premium Account, bonds, credits, Garage slots, Personal Reserves, equipment, and more. One reward is of special note: Bounty Hardening. It can significantly increase the survivability of your vehicle. Take a peek at the reward roster for every Chapter below!

2D Styles, Decals, and a Unique Medal

Among the Season X rewards are many memorable ones that deserve closer looks. Check them out:

  • Three 2D styles, one per Chapter, all inspired by the desert adventure theme central to Season X, and each one telling part of its story.
Ngamia 2D style
ngamia_2d_style_15 ngamia_2d_style_13 ngamia_2d_style_12 ngamia_2d_style_14
Rafiki 2D style
rafiki_2d_style_(14) rafiki_2d_style_(13) rafiki_2d_style_(15)
Roho 2D style
roho_2d_style_(1) roho_2d_style_(2) roho_2d_style_(4) roho_2d_style_(3)
  • Three decals with animals from the region where the heroes are heading, one for each Chapter.



  • A unique medal for completing 150 Stages of the Season X Progression.

Rewards for Points

Once you complete all three Chapters, you’ll get access to the Reward section of the in-game Store. You can spend all your Battle Pass Points earned throughout the Season there on bonds and the following goodies:

Progressive styles for all Battle Pass Core Vehicles from the previous Seasons (except Season VIII)

Unique crew members from the previous Seasons (except Season VIII)

The Reward section of the in-game Store will be available until May 31, 2023 at 02:30 CEST (UTC+2). You will continue to earn and accumulate Battle Pass Points even after completing the entire Season X Progression.

Remember to spend your Points before the end of the Season to redeem your rewards. Otherwise, all unused Battle Pass Points will disappear!

Rewards for Battle Pass Tokens

You can obtain up to 21 Battle Pass Tokens from the Season X Progression (12 from the Base Rewards and 9 from the Improved Rewards), plus up to 3 additional Tokens for gathering Collection Elements. (Collections will be a staple of every Season in 2023.)

You can spend Tokens in the Items for Tokens section of the in-game Store or save them up and spend them later in upcoming Battle Pass Seasons of 2023. Tokens accumulate throughout the year.

The list of rare Tier IX vehicles available for Tokens has grown once again—there are now nine vehicles. The new stars are the KPz 3 Projekt 07 HK and the BZ-58-2. Both are equipped with Standard Large Repair Kits (the “limitless” ones).

The KPz 3 Projekt 07 HK is a German sniper TD. It has a Siege mode that is activated manually like on Swedish high-tier TDs, increasing the effective gun depression angle to −12 degrees. Its basic APCR rounds fly very quickly, special HEAT rounds have high penetration for Tier IX, and HE rounds have outstandingly high penetration for this shell type. The vehicle has a low silhouette, and its mobility while in Siege mode easily allows you to roll back after a successful shot without switching to Travel mode.

The BZ-58-2 (worth 24 Tokens) is a bit unlike your typical Chinese breakthrough heavy. It packs a powerful punch, has a sturdy turret and is a bit slow to aim. However, the gun is rather precise for a heavy and has a −8 degree depression angle, which—together with a bouncy upper glacis plate—makes terrain-based play a viable option.

Please note that the KPz 3 Projekt 07 HK costs 27 Tokens. Considering that gathering the Collection gets you three Tokens on top of the 21 that come as progression rewards, you can get very close to this vehicle in Season X. By keeping your Tokens, you will be able to snatch the TD soon after the next Season begins. Below you can see the cost of every Token reward vehicle and item so that you can plan your acquisitions in Season X.

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  1. take your pick for 9 tokens u get AE Phase 1 or for 27 tokens you get BZ-58-2 Go toTanksgg and compare. AE Phase 1 is the best tank.

    when u have all the Token tanks u want, just doesn’t look good enough to do much on this BP. Cost for the new ones are too much, 27 ? Hell, the cost are too much for any of them. WG should let us keep Tokens we don’t use just like how we get to hoard our other currency’s ( Gold-credits-Free Exp) hell the top 3 played Token tanks are good thats what i have in my garage. The new equipment is ok, just nothing special this season for BP.. The styles are nice and no over size AA guns on them. The 2 new tanks are nothing to jump on. IF they made credits that would be a plus but they don’t. but i guess with those tokens i could get more bounty equipment and Cheap reduced rate bonds since i have all of the 2D styles. Just not much in the Token shop for the players who have 7 years or more of play time. (12) here , Needs to be expanded

  2. As I predicted the bad to meh tanks made it to the BP, KPZ has the meme Jekyll and Hyde modes where it’s functionally crap and not worth 9 tokens let alone 27. The BZ-58-2 is very similar to the 50TP tech tree tank, which does mean it’s quite decent for a heavy, but royally questions why it’s so damn pricey in tokens. While you can earn more this time around, as always it’s best to get the original trio if you haven’t already and not actively try to get anything else as it’s just not worth it.

  3. Great. Another skin for the Maus. In the meantime the Pz.Kpfw. VII just has that Santa skin. GG WarGaming.

  4. I have a question. What is the collection elements, from which you can gather 3 additional tokens? And where I can find it. Thanks in advance.

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