WoT ST: 56TP Detailed Stats

56TP (Poland, Tier-8, HT, premium)

Average damage: 390 dmg
Average armor penetration: 221 (mm)
Rate of fire of the gun: 4.32 (rds/min)
Reloading time: 13.9 (sec)
Turret traverse speed: 33.38 (deg/s)
Vertical aiming angles: -9/20 (deg)
Aiming time: 1.82 (sec)
Accuracy at 100 m: 0.33
Average damage per minute: 1,683 dmg
Strength: 1,450 HP
Track repair time: 12,03 (sec)
Engine power: 1,000 (h.p.)
Specific power: 17.86 (h.p./t)
Max. speed/reverse: 40/14 (km/h)
Chassis turning speed: 39.63 (deg/s)
View range: 380 (m)

* No description yet.

Crew 4 people: Commander (radio operator); Gunner; Driver; Loader.
Role in combat: Heavy breakthrough tank.
Special category Equipment: Survivability.

14 thoughts on “WoT ST: 56TP Detailed Stats

    1. yes, a leo gun with 122TM dpm and lower alpha. Quite comparable to AMX m4, a tank with high alpha and high dpm. very good comparison

      1. dont be a monkey. dpm means fuck all anymore and you know it. being able to hit opportune shots is what makes tanks good. so yes, it is very comparable.

        are you one of those coping shitters?

        1. hmmm tell that to all the top players. Im sure they’ll all agree that “DPM means fuck all”. I cant tell if your trolling or are just just hella retarded

    2. LOL, Leo1 gun??? What are you smoking bro?
      A tier 8 HT with 0.34 base accuracy can get up to 0.29 accuracy maximum.
      Meanwhile, the Leo1 has 0.23 maximum because it has double accuracy-increase Field Modification.
      I’m not even talking about the gun stabilization =))))
      Before complaining about anything, make sure you know exactly what it is.
      If you are not able to figure things out in an accurate way, then look for experienced players’ opinions.
      In this case, we haven’t known about the tank armor layout & gun stabilization yet. So there’s nothing to judge.
      About its armor, by the look of the turret & the turret armor’s thickness of only 200mm, there’s a big chance this turret will be one of the worst turrets among tier 8 HTs. If that’s the case then its above-average dynamics won’t make any difference.
      Still, we need more informations to know if we can shit talk WG or not.

  1. behind tanks like skodat56 bz176 no soviet tanks can stay behind the best pre tanks should be soviets :))

    1. What if WG gives this thing 0.12/0.08 dispersion when moving and its mantlet is actually 250mm? XD
      It’ll very unlikely be the case but there’s a chance since WG has put in the game things like Skoda T56/BZ-176.

    2. Its a heavium, whereas a 50tp prot is a full on heavy. If you want better gun handling and speed, then this thing is more up your alley

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