4 thoughts on “WoT – Tournaments and Challenges: Now in Your Garage!

  1. Player base : We want mirny we want frontline we want randoms to be balanced and not 15-0 shitstorm.
    WG : Here is this tournament here is that tournament and some other uninteresting modes like steel hunter.

    Waffentrager was one of exceptions though but still most of WG efforts useless and they dont learn

  2. There will be a Mirny this year – that is a promise. Our team couldn’t deliver it last year, due to obvious national reasons + we were all under a lot of pressure from WG.. We are improving AI and making sure that it will be as challenging as before on higher difficulty settings and adding a few more abilities to make it even more spicier for certain tanks 😉 Can’t say much more – expect the mode for the 🎃 and be well!

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