The Historical Significance of Military Education in 2023

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Military education provides what we all ‘an intellectual architecture’ for success on the battlefield. But, it does more than just prepare people for the battlefield physically. It teaches them critical thinking skills, helps them deal with their emotions, and prepares them for any situation that might arise in their future career.

Educating people who join the military has changed a lot so far. Today, education contributes to more stable civil and military relations, and it is tailored to better prepare – and assist those who undergo this form of training. The military benefits for education are many, and we’ll discuss the historical significance in today’s world in this article.

Military Education is More Than Physical Training

Education requires a lot of time and can be very challenging on the students. Every day, students around the world write essays and research papers. Military education is more physically demanding, and yet, it still requires traditional learning like in other classrooms. Very often, students go online to pay for essays to rid themselves of some of the burden. They look for online help from top writers that can provide their written tasks without anyone knowing.

When in the military, things aren’t so easy. Students can still get writing help from experts, but they need to also study and go through rigorous military training to prepare themselves for their future career. The military educational benefits are tremendous. They prepare the young people and teach them how to protect themselves and others, giving them the skills for one of the most courageous careers in the world.

When society resorts to war, this means that the more satisfactory options for settling a conflict failed. For those included in the war, this means wrestling with their psyche, and often being faced with suffering and trauma. War-fighting is more than physically fighting others. It challenges a person’s psyche, shows him an entirely new world, and pushes him to fight for a common cause with those beside him.

In the beginning, war was reserved to those who were physically the strongest and hardly required any other forms of training. Today, military education is very broad, preparing soldiers for a lot more. It prepares them for being away from their families, working in teams, and basically, surviving. It also teaches them about identity, territoriality, nationality, aggression and reason.

Over the years, the world has been analyzing military actions and the psychology of human in different situations. Based on that, the educational military system has changed tremendously, evolving in what it is today.

Thanks to better education and more information available to young people, there has been an increase in number of active duty members. In 2021, in the US Army, there were 482,416 members, marking another year of a graduate increase compared to the past.

Overcoming the Stereotypes of the Past

Those who study war face challenges beyond the physical. They are faced with stereotypes built in books, on TV, and among society. Just think about popular television and how they paint the military. What happens on the screen isn’t exactly the representation of what happens on the field.

On TV, we see triumphalism, people who are so well-trained that they become untouchable, or the opposite – a pure drama and organized violence. Many of the movies and books still feature male soldiers when the situation is very different today. For quite some time now, the military attracts – and includes people of different genders. Stereotypes make it harder for females to immerse themselves in the field.

Education for military students has changed a lot over the years. It’s become more inclusive, more real, and more immersive. Many of the young people who train to join the military learn about the realities in it the first time during training.

Military education around the world is changing to attract and encourage females to join its circles in different positions. However, this is still very different from one country to the next one, and it is driven by stereotypes, as well as beliefs, culture, and religion. Let’s take a look at how some of the biggest armies in the world handle this today:

  • China with 4.5% of the PLA being women in 1994, compared to 5% today

  • India with women making up 3% of the army only

  • United States with women making up 16% of the army

  • North Korea with around 40% of the army being women

  • Pakistan with around 3,400 women serving right now

The military world has changed tremendously throughout history, and with it changed education in the field. While educational opportunities are much more advanced today thanks to modern equipment and research, there’s still a lot to be done in this field.

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Helen Birk is a veteran and a current writer who helps students and other young people with their academic challenges. As a proud member of the military, Helen frequently shares her stories to inspire and inform young soldiers. Her work has encouraged and educated many young people on this topic.

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