WoT ST: Ho-Ri 2

Ho-Ri 2 (Japanese, Tier VIII, TD, techtree)

The Ho-Ri 2 is a new researchable Tier VIII tank destroyer of the Japanese Tech Tree.

It’s armed with a naval gun. The damage per shot is 400 HP. The standard shell has 250 mm of penetration, while the special shell penetrates 285 mm. The accuracy is 0.35 m, and the aiming time is 2.3 s. The reload time is 11 s.

The effective frontal armor of the hull and superstructure reaches 220 mm, and the durability is 1,400 hit points. Its gun depression angle is −8 degrees. The vehicle’s top speed is 30 km/h, while its specific power is 16.2 h.p./t. The view range is 380 m.

Keep in mind that the mentioned vehicles feature the following:

Low top speeds, which means they can’t react quickly to changes in battle and switch flanks—you’ll need to plan your routes in advance

Weakly armored lower glacis that you need to hide using terrain or objects on the map

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