WoT ST: LKpz.70 K Detailed Stats

LKpz.70 K (Germany, Tier-10, LT, premium, mechanics: hydropneumatic suspension)

The tank has a hydropneumatic suspension depending on the speed of the tank. A similar mechanic is present in 🇸🇪UDES 15/16 or🇯🇵STB-1.
With the use of hydropneumatic suspension, the tank reaches a record -17 degrees. At the moment, this is one of the highest indicators in the game.

The premium status of the tank will most likely change by the release.

Siege mode:
• To switch to siege mode: <10 km/h
• To switch to marching mode: >26 km/h
• Switch to mode: Automatic

Average damage: 360 dmg
Average APCR armor penetration: 248 mm
Average APCR(special) armor penetration: 276 mm
Average HE armor penetration: 60 mm
Rate of fire of the gun: 5.57 rds/min
Loading of the gun: 10.77 sec
Turret traverse speed: 41.72 deg/s
Elevation angles: – 10/+20 ; -17/+25 in siege mode
Aiming time: 2.4 sec
Spread at 100 m: 0.29
Average damage per minute: 2,006
Strength: 1 500 HP
Weight / maximum weight of the machine: 23.89/27.5 (t)
Engine power: 950 h.p.
Specific power: 39.77 h.p./t
Max. speed / reverse: 70/25 km/h
Chassis turning speed: 52.15 deg/s
View range: 390m

No description yet.

Crew of 3 people: Commander (Radio Operator; Loader); Gunner (Loader); Driver.
Role in combat: Universal light tank.
Special category Equipment: Survivability.

7 thoughts on “WoT ST: LKpz.70 K Detailed Stats

  1. Cammo values are bad, not a competitive light for today WOT, at least in scouting department.
    It did not have retarded wheels neither amazing camo.
    Better than sheri and RHM. But still far from the 18 that AMX 13 105 have that is the lower limit for current wot

  2. The most interesting question is what this tank meant to be; if it’s not a premium or a reward tank, is it a replacement for the current Tier-X German scout?

    1. i Hope so, rhm is a bad tank it did not belong to current wot scouting meta; and WG nerf the dmg far from good for a 105 in tier x: 320 vs 390 hell RHM need at least 360 like STB to be competitive.
      While this tank is not super great either since view range is low and cammo is not great, the Gun angle could make it viable tank for dmg dealer light

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