WoT CT 1.20: Bounty Hardening

• +8%/+11% to vehicle hit points (rounded up) (%)
• +50%/+70% to suspension durability (%)
• +15%/+25% to suspension repair speed (%)
• +10%/+10% to suspension load capacity (%)
• -50%/-70% to hull damage caused by suspension damage during impact (%)

  • Customized (adjusted) version of the equipment. Price: 3,000,000 credits.
    Weight: 100 kg.
    ** New Bounty equipment will be available in future seasons of the Battle Pass 2023.
    For 3 Battle Pass Tokens, you can also get one more Bounty equipment of your choice in the Token Items section of the in-game Store. You can purchase Bounty equipment for tokens only once per season.

3 thoughts on “WoT CT 1.20: Bounty Hardening

  1. Was clearly the next equipment.
    Avg player prefer heavies and heavy playstyle with firepower or speed
    Since most of the firepower equipment are covered now its time for resistance equipment

    Commanders visions will be next i guess
    Rest of equipment are bad or situationals for specific tanks.
    Grousers, Radio set, spall liner will have to wait.
    Cammo net and binos would be nice to have them with lower time to trigger but i guess wg will not make them

    1. Camo net is now obsolete, since the introduction of low noise exhaust. And binos? Maybe for the lower tiers, that have bad view range. As for this bounty hardening, i don’t care, i don’t waste an equipment slot for it.

      1. I did use binos in specific lights even in high tiers the ones with good cammo.
        Its true that LNE is way better than cammo net mostly because the nerf in the number of cammo net.
        Still some tds mostly the swedish can use cammo net reliable, if it gives you 20% and it activites in 1 second i will pick it in specific tanksç

        I found hardening only good in high HP tanks or to improve track HP like in a T95 TD

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