World of Tanks And Its Strange Community

The notorious “Free2Play” game based around “iconic” WW2/Post War tanks has one of the most questionable online community which is being scammed with the most straightforward marketing tricks.

Through the years WG got away with almost everything they wanted to. The newest marketing trick that WG started to use is the “Fear of Missing Out” technique. Simply releasing a tank in limited quantity/in loot boxes for a limited time is enough for the entire community to waste all of their resources/money on it. In most cases, players are willing to waste all of their in-game currency for a single tank.

The people who are buying “exclusive & limited” content are the ones who are constantly complaining about the wrong direction WG took many years ago.

After releasing broken tier8/tier9 premium tanks it’s easy to notice that WG can get away with everything because the playerbase will continue purchasing every single new addition no matter what.

Most of the players are participating in these wasteful events without any reasonable logic, several accounts are just holders of everything and the obtained “grails” are just sitting in “their” garage.

This game won’t go into the right direction anytime soon because of it. All of you can complain about matchmaking problems, balancing problems, map rotation problems, etc. and WG won’t bat an eye because simply adding something new can distract everyone from the problems.

Overpowered premium tanks / overpriced “collector” tanks are going to be the future of the game because none of the players can hold themselves back from getting their hands on them.

The rotation of newly released meta/broken tanks will continue no matter what (after the Skoda T 56 and BZ-176 you can expect anything)

About the currently ongoing Assembly Shop event; I would like to congratulate to every degenerate who wasted most of their resources on a tank which is worse in almost every characteristics in comparison to the tech tree counterparts. You gave the signs to WG that everything can be released no matter what and as overpriced as possible because it is going to be bought in seconds without hesitation.

I have a long list of problems which is piling up for years and years that I would like to share to remember:

  • Overpowered premiums. ~In order:
    (Skorpion G, Defender, Chrysler GF, Progetto mod.46, OBJ. 703-II, LT-432, EBR. 75 fl, Bourrasque, Skoda T 56, BZ-176)
  • Overpowered tech tree/reward vehicles. ~In order:
    (Obj. 268 V4(nerfed), Object 279e, T95/FV4201 Chieftain, Kranvagn(nerfed), Vz. 55, AMX M4 54(nerfed, still strong))
  • The SirFoch incident. (stood up against the Chrysler GF which was hilariously broken at the time)
  • Halloween 2018, 2019 and 2022 being mediocre.
  • The Soviet tech tree rework and the debacles that came afterward. (Obj. 263 and Obj430. moved to tier9 and removing the SU-122-54)
  • Failed to completely deliver the German tech tree rework. (the Maus and Rhm. Panzerwagen line still suffers to this day.)
  • Nearly killed the possibility of an American tech tree rework.
  • Failed to deliver the Chinese tech tree rework as well.
  • The 3-5-7 rule and the MM rule rework made a lot of tanks out of meta.
  • The top tier French wheeled LTs are broken (everything is fine below tier 8, but the tier 8 premium and the tier 10 tech tree one is broken)
  • Added the British LTs to the game despite how bad they are.
  • Adding “copy” premiums that are better than their original freemium versions.
    (AMX 50 100 vs. Somua SM, T-44 vs. T-44-100, AT-15 vs. Turtle, Emil I vs Emil 1951)
  • Added fake tanks to fill the gaps for almost all nations.
  • Hinted at and then proceeded to drop the European tech tree. (It weren’t \”interesting\” enough or not enough tanks so \”no more tanks.\” apparently)
  • Not removing arty when they had the chance. And arguably made them worse than their original versions.
  • Forcing Arty down our throats with missions for the 2nd campaign.
  • Removed maps that people liked. Said they will rework these maps and dropped half of them completely soon after.
  • Added new maps, turns out they are unbalanced and said they would implement new changes to them. We still have not received those changes yet.
  • Bringing back Province when there are better maps to bring back like South Coast, Swamp, Sacred Valley, Windstorm. (Remember they remade Province 3 times, but the changes they implemented are almost useless. It boils down to either 2 min. team wipes or 15 min. long slug feasts just like it always does. This is why they removed it in the first place)
  • Turned the remaining maps into MOBA maps, 3-2 lanes with a jungle. (see Abbey, Erlenberg, Studzianki)
  • Years ago the Shell/HP rework turned out to be worse than expected (WG reverted these changes) -Which is hilarious as the Blitz team nailed it +3 years ago and all they had to do was to copy and paste its core elements.
  • And finally didn’t make Crew 2.0 properly and almost scrapped it. If WG wouldn’t want to make everything new Pay2Progress, Crew 2.0 could be already out with a lot of great additions.

These are the major problems from what I can remember off the top of my head and this list will just expand over time thanks to the community.

93 thoughts on “World of Tanks And Its Strange Community

  1. One arty/ team would be nice. Remove whole wheeled line ( they ruin game more than arty). And finally, Scorpion G is overpower? 😀 Not in million years.

    1. they dont need to remove wheeled vehicles, just give them realistic driving physics. IE actually let them flip over from turns like they should

      1. If I recall correctly, when they first added wheeled vehicles they would constantly flip themselves over from smallest bumbs etc. and die. Their physics were adjusted I think.

    2. Skorpion is balanced by making it miss most of the time, strangely enough I get better results firing premium ammo. And yes, aimed shots into cupolas, bounces off plates etc that state should have penned…

      1. It’s unbelievable how, one of the most (on paper) accurate guns in the game, misses shot after shot, fully aimed and against still targets! Miss, miss, miss, bounce, hit, miss, miss, bounce, hit… Pathetic.

    3. I think the point being made is that at the time of its release the Scorpion G was insanely broken. It’s just that now even it has been powercreeped…

  2. That’s a long list of complaints, for an article complaining about complainers.

    You have missed the type 59 scourge, which was heavily over powered at WoT infancy, the defender, both of these premiums were held off from second release for YEARS, so that created the FOMO.

    I think I had to wait 3 or 4 YEARS to get a defender, after it’s first release.

    And from the tech tree, the Hellcat and Bat Chat were very OP for years also, dominating mid tier and top tier battles.

    My 6 million dollar question is: where are the tier 8 premium spg?.

  3. I can proudly say that over the last 3 years I didn’t buy a single Christmas box.
    I bought the Lion with tons of free xp and blueprints because nowadays you earn incredible amounts of these resources and can’t spend them on anything else. So this tank was completely free for me.
    This is still better than being forced to play CW or Ranked in my opinion.

  4. True words. Its simple, but if the community bought Lion for 40k Gold or bonds or or… i can Onl said: we are so stupid.

  5. All valid points and unfortunately WG is extremely incompetent. However, we are all addicts and we addicts sadly need our fix.

  6. “Added the British LTs to the game despite how bad they are.”
    You are clearly super wrong about this.
    Brithis lights are the best one besides retarded wheels that dont work as scouting lights at all and are more like hot wheels on steroids

      1. Because you are using them wrong. Specially the tier 9 and 10 they are best scouts, probably the tier 7 and 8 need a little buff.
        But they are not damage dealers.
        They are there to spot for team and TDs maybe the problem is you are not using them as intendended or your tds are retarded, thats why platoon is mandatory for light specially british ones.
        Manticore has the highest mark of all non premium/reward tier x until they buffed the M4 54, now its the second.
        That says 2 things:
        -First: people who are using it is super good with the tank and know what they are doing, but the tank has high potential.
        -Second: the avg to bad players, who dont understand it prefer to not use it because it is widely know to be Not RedFriendly

        Not all tanks should be redfriendly

    1. Yeah, lots of rant in the blog. I believed the British LT hate for a while. For some reason I unlocked it and it is my fav T10 lt. I often end up with great spotting, and often top damage. Often it’s a hate circle. Folks complain a tank (ex manti) isn’t good enough, but don’t appreciate it is balanced. Manti has poor depression, low shell count, slow aiming…but work to strengths and it is great. Some people just want to say things are either “OP” or “not worth the money/gold/silver”, lol.

      IDK, maybe the line is painful but the Manti is beast mode.

  7. This is why I don’t play this piece of shit game anymore. I would love to because I used to enjoy the game. But not anymore. However it’s always fun to read articles like this and read what wG have fucked up next so I can laugh at all the wankers who still keep playing in the vain hope the have might improve.
    Same as lottery you buy a ticket every week in hope you will win but in reality you never will…

    1. At least lotteries are regulated by numerous laws, required to publish their statistics, and recognized as a legitimate addiction. The people in WG are criminals, and the listing of their chief business development officer as a terrorist is well-deserved. I can’t wait for their prosecutions/executions.

  8. People who bought the lion for full gold are dumbasses but a lot of people had the opportunity to actually get it for free, especially veterans of the game with nothing else to do.

    I have litteraly every tech tree vehicle researched, I havent played a single game in the new chinese HTs and they’re almost all down to 0xp now by just showing up and playing the game because the blueprint mechanic ruined the game’s progression and made it too easy. I have no use for free xp or blueprints, I don’t need credits because I don’t spam gold ammo or food so I make a profit most battles, and I think a unique vehicle is a much better use of bonds than a 25% improved equipment that’s basically locked to the tank you use it on. The lion costs a lot of resources for me but there is nothing else for me to spend these resources on, and I got the vehicle for no amount of paid currency.

    WG made the new player experience so unbearable that it’s basically impossible for them to get new players that will stick to the game anymore. They have to rely on old players not leaving the game, and they know that. So they focus on releasing content that pretty much only experienced players can take part it. It’s a cycle but the new player experience is long past the point of no return and the effort required to improve it is far more complicated than the effort required to keep existing players interested.

  9. I question how skilled and informed people who claim artillery should be removed are. I’m really fed up with this bullshit – suppose WG listens and removes arty, how does one counter the N hulldown monsters that make the game such a smelly clogged toilet? Weakspots? When 95% of them don’t have any to begin with, or they are so small that hitting one is like winning the lottery?

    Artillery has already been neutered hard anyway, again for no other reason than to please the Chieftain mains who suffer a stroke whenever they lose hitpoints. This rabble is the same as the CV haters in World of Warships – game is fun only when they dominate, any hard counter and they go crazy.

    The rant about Lion is, however, true and I agree with it. I was very surprised yesterday, all the tanks were sold out in less than three hours. There are players out there with ungodly amounts of resources they have no use for, or those who have no trouble paying 180€ for a single premium, and those are the target audience for these events. Everyone else should stay away (key word, SHOULD).

    1. Arty is only a toy of retired old men who in a real tank only give free HP to the opponent and hinder their own team. Gold ammo is the solution to your problem. Back when the IS8 came into the game, it had 400mm penetration HEAT ammunition that would balance the Chieftain in the hull down position, and it’s only a tier 9 heavy tank. By the way, the ammunition in WOT is below the penetration value of ammunition in reality. Even before someone comes up with this demagogic nonsense that this is not a simulator, I would ask why countries developed tanks against each other. These are exactly the problems that would be solved by the penetration values of the ammunition of real tanks. And yes, if WG nerfs the damage value of gold ammo, it will have less money. WG will not make a decision that will earn less money, so this solution would solve the balance in the game, but WG would be financially ruined. The real penetration value of a T62A for APCR ammunition is 299 mm penetration, and for HEAT ammunition it reaches 400 mm penetration. Here’s another example of how no one would be bothered by powercreep.

      This is how Arty could be removed from the game!

      So that arty is reserved for those customers who pay for the game and if you delete these people from the game, WG’s income will disappear. There are players who only play with arty and nothing else, these people would be sent to the gulag with this step. This is the problem, understand that money rules everything at WG! They don’t care what the players want because it is written in the EULA that they cannot accept advice or suggestions regarding the development of WOT!

      1. Seems to me that the only “demagogues” are those who keep harping that gold ammo is a good thing. It isn’t, it never was and it has no place in this game, and it is one of the reasons World of Tanks has been a joke for years (basically since they started selling it for credits, some important changes can be traced back to gold ammo). If I cannot pen a hulldown enemy I’m not supposed to pay and win anyway (that’s literal pay2win, even if doing so does not cost me real money), that’s the dumbest concept ever. And this is why artillery is necessary – you call in help from a teammate, you know, since this SHOULD be a team game and people should help each other (rather than waste time with grade school toxicity).

        It’s also pretty disturbing that middle aged players are being condemned for… being middle aged. The average WoT player is in his 40s or 50s, you think these people who have families to care for, paid jobs, and so on, would waste time over stuff only tank nerds care about? Just like gold ammo apologists, those who take games like this too seriously are a plague.

        Also, sorry but yes – World of Tanks is an arcade game. People can drive off the cliffs of Overlord and take no damage for pete’s sake, and we argue about what ammunition is in real life?

        1. Most players don’t work you moron that’s why they play all day and night because they have fuck all else to do in their sad lifes

        2. Yep gold ammo has no place in this game… How it should have been… AP most pen… Decent damage.. & 7 degree norm…Heat 2nd highest damage.. High pen… But not as high as AP & 2 degree norm…… Apcr 2nd best pen.. 3rd best in damage.. & 5 degrees of norm…HE highest damage lowest pen… Explodes on impact deals splash damage (old mechanics) hesh shares damage values of HE and 4th best pen.. Treated as current HE changes.. Still explodes with a splash radius.. But not as big and not as devastating..

  10. I agree players who still rant about arty being a problem are the problem themselves.
    Typical 47% player with 30,000 still crying about arty ffs is pathetic.
    There are far more game breaking issues.
    Same players who cry about gold spam. And?
    Players have 180m credits so why not use better ammo

  11. Why its degenerate to spend in game resources for Lion? like there would be other places to use them? free exp, schematics are for skimping i game content, I´d rather use it for new content.

    Clearly the OP did not have enough resources or did not get numbered Lion and is now ranting.

    1. its just a very poor article as it misses the point that this tank was even available for players like me (play4free) and doesnt crack down on these christmas lootboxes that are the reason why there is so much gold/freeXP in the game and we got huuuuuge inflation therefore.

      Calling ppl who got this tank for free ‘degenerate’ ist just the cherry on top of the author’s failiure

  12. So I am degenerate to spend my ressources I played for? Really?
    I play WoWp quite a lot and there you can earn millions of free XP, so spending these on something is degenerate? Really?
    You should really think about your wording. Writing articles here does not mean that you are free to insult anyone for something you probably just don’t have.
    Also, while the list above is true in some points, it remains your personal experience. Many of your points are debatable at least.

    But to stick with the main topic – I am a fun player with over 100k games and all tech trees completely researched (currently 570 tanks in my garage) and tons of ressources. Why shouldn’t I spend some of these (otherwise useless to me ressources) on something I can get more or less for free?
    Please tell me!

  13. What surprises me the most is that some of the CC’s made a video of FOMO or something and how we should avoid it and all.Then they are the fastest ones that got the tank,fuck them and god bless our saviour of WoT community SirFoch.

    1. Being a CC means adhering to double standards – on one hand they criticize WG (sometimes for valid reasons), on the other WG feeds them (they give them stuff to show on their channels, and their channels are their day jobs, so they live off WG). Also, Foch saved nothing, he got his fifteen minutes of fame with the Chrysler rant and then had to quit or face retaliation.

      Has anything changed since then? WG does what they want and we either adapt or f off.

  14. Why are people constantly whining about Arty. Either you never play them or just want to whine about them STFU

  15. While I’m not going to deny that I feel a bit sheepish over buying this tank (I hang out with too many of the cool kids on the NA server), and it does reflect on how WoT can be sucky for people who really can’t afford to throw much money at games, I’m a grown man and I can spend my money as I like; don’t patronize me.

    1. I feel everyones pain.. But i own everything i sought for so i dont need something im not interested in

  16. What a poorly constructed rant of an individual who was too poor (in game) or too late to obtain the Lion, ROTFL. Calling those who managed to get one “degenerates” is below any standards. Shame on you, whiner!

  17. Why degenerate? Because you could not get it? “strugurii sunt acri?” Those degenerates are paying your bills by entering this piece of shait of a site. But hey, you are a bigger shait and degenerate. I could stay away for 2 years away of wot, now is time to say fuck off to you and this copy paste of a “site”.

  18. Sounds like someone didn’t get a Lion LoL! I’d have to say the worst part of this game is little bitches like you complaining. You all have free will; if you don’t like it, don’t play the game. No one is forcing you to play, stop playing the victim!

            1. I have a life… I dont slave my self over something you dont 100% own.. What you bought is basically an NFT so… Tell me again why do i funking care?

  19. Like you can progress something with the ape mentality of world of tanks players
    Idiots alawys need to be milked

  20. As a result, we will continue to play, only the work they will do should not shock the arty tanks and the ebr tanks should be removed from the game.

  21. That moment when you find out your news source for wot is a sub 50 super tomato, this reads like a desert fox post on the na forums

    1. When news place has the balls to be worried and honest.. You dont get that.. Id rather have this.. Over someone else that has no will…

    2. “The SirFoch incident. (stood up against the Chrysler GF which was hilariously broken at the time)”

      Really tells you everything you need to know about the post. It stands out just like those Russian crocodile tears of ‘bombing Donbas 8 years’.

  22. Blog was a bit all over ranting. Some things are worth fixing, others are minor, others part of the game, and some even positives!

    Ex: fact is arty has been in game for 12 years! It got nerfed enough and it wasn’t ever hard to counter years ago with tracers and smart lts. Move on.

    Def agree the FV/T95 is a gated tank, given to the best performers making it a double whammy. It is gated to CW and the best players, and it’s on the OP side. 279e as well, but there is a CHANCE for all to get it.

    Agree some of the techtree tanks were OP…they got balanced eventually. They did all have counters though. Bobject, perma track or make them commit…Kran, wait for clip and circle…or roll the other flank and surround…etc.

    On the other hand, some points should be GOOD on WG above. They did NOT release Crew 2.0, and Improved Equipment DUE TO PLAYER FEEDBACK. Hard to count that as bad IMO. They have also REMOVED the worst maps over time.

    Anyone remember being T6 facing a Maus on Dragon’s Ridge? lol. Game is overall pretty balanced these days, but move on if it’s that frustrating.

    1. Wow someone with an actual brain. Glad people like you exist that can rationally analyze the situation. Now, are there OP tanks? Yes. Can you counter them, evolve your movement on the battlefield to entrap them? Also yes. With enough pantience and game knowledge you can swing battles in your favour even with tanks like TVP VTU. Tried to play on unicum level with it and it works wonders if you want.

  23. Lion is not worst than counterparts. You avoid to put firepower (not gun handling) in consideration as well as armor you simply put the numbers in wich Lion lost, dishonest comparison.

    It got better reload with the 3 shell than the leo, with the same damage, yes its accuracy is worst but the dpm is way better, his turret is way better than leo.

    All in all the tank deserves to cost that much? clearly not but your comparison is bad and dishonest.
    Personally the 780 was a more trash tank than the lion is. Either way i did not bought neither of them because they are stupidly expensive

  24. What can you expect from a communist company? Even though they left Belarus cause of the war, they still have that commie blood in them. They just try to stay low to not bat an eye and keep milking the degenerates who give them money and they’re plenty. Like OP said, congrats to the degenerates who keep funding ruSSia’s war

  25. What a random, poorly thought out and biased rant at the start.
    1. Lion is a solid tank, you cherry picked the stats where it’s worse, ignoring the fact it’s meant to be a half-breed with better DPM than a leopard, while also having a clip, where comparing it to a prog is 1K more DPM than where clip tanks should be, Lion’s only drawbacks are the handling and mobility and they are minor as your comparison shows.
    2. You grossly underestimate how much resources players have built up, I’m F2P and getting the Lion didn’t even take a quarter of my reserve, not even counting tanks I can sell (and equipment I can demount) Most, if not all, didn’t have to spend a cent for the Lion.
    3. You rave about how we’re promoting OP premiums, while also crying that we showed how much we’ll support something unique and interesting in the Lion, which in your own opinion is a “bad tank”, which is it you two-faced fool?
    4. Almost no one cares about the NFT skin part of it, they just wanted the tank, hence why the 44K unnumbered still sold out…

    As for the rest, yeah, everyone knows the sad whales buying the OP stuff are the actual problem with WoT, but Wargaming don’t have the principles to actually balance the game, to create customer good will and bring back the many customers that vowed to never spend another penny after the defender or chrysler incident. If balance changes came as often to premiums as we’re seeing being done to the tech tree, playerbase would be happier and be more willing to pay, their earnings would equal out in the long run, but they just want the quick money.

  26. This kind of article is bad for AP.
    I come here for WoT news, not to read about some guy who looks down on people playing a videogame.
    I am a free to play player with pleeeenty of resources just sitting around. Wanna piece, punk?

  27. This isn’t Reddit, why are you posting your rants here?

    At least half of those have some merit to them, unlike this drivel…

  28. WAT?
    Overpowered premiums. ~In order:
    (Skorpion G, Defender, Chrysler GF, Progetto mod.46, OBJ. 703-II, LT-432, EBR. 75 fl, Bourrasque, Skoda T 56, BZ-176)

    1 scorpion is PAPER you can easily SPOT. The gun is solid. its fine on straight line. thats it.

    2 Chrysler is THE WORST prem i ever had and i sold it. it can carry 120 shots cause you need 80 for the tier 9+10 games. its trash. VKK is stronger but even that underperforms

    3 Progetto is arguable pretty good but nobody drives it and it can be easily killed if you suck.

    4 obj II is also just as strong as IS3… so what? cause it got a double shot that hardly comes handy while being far slower. but ye i get you IT GOT FIRE POWER. who cares that tanks have MOBILITY and stuff like that, right? bad players dont get whats mobility for. getting in advantageous positions is amazing (read it up

    LT432 is arguable a strong tank. for a light. again in the right hands though
    EBR lmao …. ye its strong but only if you know to drive and the map is open enough. otherwise its useless. go send it to any town. go let people figure out how AUTO AIM WORKS… and shoot it the moment it TURNS… (i could draw that one up but you wouldn’t get it)

    7 bourr? you worry about 2 shot paper? wat?!

    8 skoda not worth the comment

    9 no experience with that one but given your list of FAIL……. why bother? you are wrong i bet.

    and for those “oh he is just defending WG”
    why not TALK ABOUT > OBJ 279f < ??? ausf J (destroying lowtier still), MUTANT… and whatnot?

    You know, the tanks you CANT DAMAGE frontally or even from most angles… and yet are speedy, and shoot a big pew and whatnot……..


    1. Back with your nonsense again?
      You really do need to stop commenting because you only embarrass yourself with your lies and delusions. Maybe if you understood how the game works and how to play you might actually enjoy it.
      If you don’t understand and don’t enjoy it, but you still play??
      That chump is the sign of a mentally retard.

    2. Your only proving the point was being made.. Also idiot.. Play the game when the is6 and fcm 50t and t34 were the tanks of choice for premiums before you go start running your mouth off.. Idiot…

  29. Let me say one thing about WG – They are not a charity. In order for the millions of players to play free, a portion of the community has to spend money. I’ve been playing for 10 years and probably contributed $100-$200 each year. For me I can afford it, it’s great entertainment. Hopefully my contributions keep WG in business and allow a lot of people to play for free.

    1. Preach it brotha !! 11 years and averaged out it’s 2-3 hundred. For console people that’s nothing. No one is contractually obligated to play the game.

  30. So many people blaming the Arty for the game being crap nowadays .. while they are obviously wrong because the didn’t play the game from the beginning on and thus don’t remember how actually great this game once was – with and also because of arty.
    WoT once was huge fun and – it was balanced! The meta was working ad no one felt like it was unfair or wrong. Arty was part of the original meta from the very beginning. What wasn’t there: all kinds of TDs, super heavies and wheeled tanks. Their introduction (and the introduction of physics!) was when the fun got lost. The small maps where much better strategically, when tanks could not simply go anywhere but had to plan ahead instead. But physics reduced strategy by a lo as it enabled tanks to change to wherever they like afterwards instead of having to bear with what they had chosen in the beginning of a match.

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