WoT ST: Changes to Fisherman’s Bay

Fisherman’s Bay

Balance changes were made to the Fisherman’s Bay map aimed at fixing the imbalance that appeared after the previous changes to the map. The teams capture the town unevenly. The upper team tends to push the lower team due to a quicker and more dangerous route to the town center. Therefore, the upper team takes risks, loses HP on the approach, and then crashes against the lower team’s defense in the town.

  1. The route to the town is now safer due to terrain in squares A6–B7, and it’s more convenient thanks to vegetation in squares C7–C8.
  1. An unpleasant line of fire was removed from the town part in square E8.
  1. In the central part of the map (squares E5–E6), the location of a couple of buildings was changed, and vegetation was added.
  1. A TD position was slightly improved in square B2.


9 thoughts on “WoT ST: Changes to Fisherman’s Bay

    1. Yup. From one of the best to unusable unpleasant map in a aingle patch. Who the f asked to dumb down all the maps and make it hulldown for idiot-proof heavies?

      1. Only mid has hulldowns and they’re not really useable unless you’re trying to 1v1 something else that went mid, so I can’t tell if you’re just parroting the same complaint that every other bot screams and shouts about or if you’re stupid. Biggest issues on the map are the same as on many maps, protected sniping spots that fully lock down entire flanks/stop successful pushes.

        1. 100%, the only good thing wg did was removing bushes from the town, it was an idiotic idea to begin with, heavy tanks shooting each other unspotted on a 200m distance

  1. So in a year’s time they make “improvements” to this map and now they have to make “improvements” again. Typical.

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