WoT ST: ST-62 Version II Detailed Stats

ST-62 Version II (USSR, Tier-9, LT, premium, reverse autoreloader with 3 shells)

• Average damage: 300 dmg
• Average armor penetration with APCR shells: 221 mm
• Average armor penetration with HEAT shells: 270 mm
• Average armor penetration with HE shells: 50 mm
• Full magazine reload: 36.43 sec
• Reload time between rounds: 2.5 sec
• First round reload time: 8.6 sec
• Second round reload time: 12.5 sec
• Third round reload time: 15.3 sec
• Rounds in the magazine: 3
• Horiz. sight translation: 54.24°/sec
• Gun Depression / Elevation angles: –6/20°
• Aiming time: 2.4 sec
• Dispersion at 100 m: 0.36
• Average damage per minute: 2,086
• APCR Shell velocity: 1,200 m/s
• HEAT Shell velocity: 950 m/s
• HE Shell velocity: 900 m/s

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All performance characteristics are indicated with the commander’s bonus.

Description not available.

Crew 4 people: Commander (radio operator); Gunner; Driver; Loader
Role in battle: temporarily absent.
Special category Equipment: Survivability

21 thoughts on “WoT ST: ST-62 Version II Detailed Stats

  1. Object 277 front, Object 274A rear part, LT 432 turret mixed with IS3 turret rear appearance.

    And they buy it like sugar! Bringing a towered tank destroyer branch exists in reality prototypes. Or more interesting example, the tier 10 Object 770 heavy tank would be made. In tier 9 could be the Object 278 with a 140 mm gun that could be launched from the IS3! And there are countless other ideas that would be more interesting!

    This is the same bullshit fake tank as Object 283, which is a toy with the number 274, and there would be no problem if they were put in the tech tree!

    1. The overwhelming majority of players doesnt give a single fuck if the tanks are made up or based on some dusty old blueprint. And the world doesnt revolve around you, Wargaming is trying to please more people than just you so i dont know what you are trying to achieve by saying theirs more interesting tanks they could make?

      They make what they think sells or is of interest to the playerbase which is a large amount of people.

      1. There are existing tanks based on history and there are fictional fantasy tanks, the problem is that there is more and more fantasy and there is no balance between real and fictional tanks to balance their number in the game!

        1. Wether a tank is made up or based on real tanks or blueprints have no bearing on the tanks balance in game. Plenty of the real tanks have been rebalanced multiple times, so obviously the stats in game do not reflect the real tank.

          Stop getting caught up on the realism of tank, as long as they fit the theme and spirit of the game its fine. If you want a “real” experience go to War Thunder, and if you want to be a tank historian go to a museum.

          1. You’re so fucking smart that if you don’t write this down I’ll die stupid. That’s why WOT is where it is, because it produced so many brain dead people who buy all the shit!

            1. Its funny how he destroyed you with well structured argument and you are clueless about it. Talking about being braindead lol…

      2. ‘overwhelming majority of players’ ~ that means YOU! right, please don’t say majority anymore unless you can name hundreds of players names that will back your claims of ‘liking made up fantasy Tanks’ (because my Clan and others i play with does not like WG spamming fiction Tanks ‘to keep game exiting’
        WG only likes €€€€€€€€€ mate nothing else, not YOU, not me nobody! just €€€€€€€ lots of it in there offshore Cyprus Bank
        Fiction non-existing Premium Shop Tanks now arriving at Tier9 and soon Tier10 its €€€€€ that’s it, soz

        1. So i need to make a petition and be able to name hundreds of individuals that support fictional tanks to make the claim that people dont mind fictional tanks? Might be the stupidest thing i ever heard.

          Anyone can make observations of their surrounding and if you watch youtubers and streamers playing fictional tanks basically nobody is complaining about their realism except for a very loud but small minority that are stuck in 2015.

          If an actually significant amount of people did mind fictional tanks to the extent where they felt it ruins the game Wargaming wouldnt be releasing them contiously. The fact that they are making them and putting them in the game is the only proof i need that the vast majority not only doesnt mind them, but likes them and play them in the game.

    2. Given that the USSR came up with so many actual tank designs (and built quite a lot of them in steel at least for a single prototype) they’re the nation that has the least need for WG to make stuff up. Yet here we are.

  2. How will these new tier 9s be given with the marathon?

    constantly showing new tanks but no information on how to get them

    1. Becuase no one knows how to get them yet, these are leaks and not official releases so what do you expect? They are unfinished tanks and Wargaming might not even have decided what to do with them yet, and even if they had it could change before the tank is actually released.

  3. This looks really strong, it’s quite the joke when the last Tier 9 light (Char 75) is a piece of dirt.

    1. Yeah…that looked like such an eccentric tank on paper that it had to be “battle pass” fodder. Say what you will about WG, they are tailoring their new machines to what currently works in the game. Those folks who are unhappy that the version of WoT they liked basically went away with the issuance of the clan-wars Chieftain, you have a point, but 2015 ain’t coming back.

  4. 8.6 sec reload is just way too fast. WZ-132 with “320” damage (in quotes because that tank will miss even if you stick your gun into a tank) has 8.8 sec.

    Same situation as IS-3A; the IS-3A has similar DPM as the IS-3 but it also gets an extra 2 shots you can reload while in cover… Of course, the IS-3A has that god awful gun handling which makes up for that.

    I guess whether or not this DPM is too much will depend on the gun handling this “light tank” gets.

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