WoT: Preload Update 1.19.1 Right Now!

We’ll soon bring some improvements to your favourite game through Update 1.19.1. Get a head start and download the patch right now so you don’t have to wait for patch release day!

It will be 527 MB (SD version) or 674 MB (HD version). Just make sure to check the “Download updates in advance” box in your Wargaming.net Game Center settings, and click “Save” to apply the changes.

Find out how to enable preload on WGC and get answers to commonly asked questions on our dedicated article page via the button below.


16 thoughts on “WoT: Preload Update 1.19.1 Right Now!

  1. BZ-176 seems that will be nerfed soon, most probably two weeks after the Tankmas event ends, as i saw on the WoT EU forum. A moderator said they can nerf the BZ-176 if they want, as people never bought it directly. As you get the tank by random percentages and not by a direct transaction, they have the rights to nerf it as you don’t get the vehicle directly but by random probabilities.

    I asked that moderator about what if you bought the boxes for the BZ, and he told me that the trick is just there. You don’t buy the BZ directly, you buy the boxes, so by that trick they can nerf it when they want before they manage to sell it directly. After they sell it directly on the Premium Shop for the first time, they can’t nerf it without refunding the gold price of the tank to the owners who bought it directly (Xmas box buyers get out of the refund sadly).

    1. keep dreaming, you can get a product directly or by random chance, if the product changes you can be sued for fake publicity, thats what happened with the type 59 back then and wg went throught a lot of refunds and a lawsuit, thats not happening again.
      Also lets remember mods from the forum are not developers of the game and like the community managers they dont know some of those things until they happen.
      “A moderator said they can nerf the BZ-176 if they want” this means nothing, you can kill yourself if you want, but that does not mean you will do it, it is not even a guess from the moderator, hes just saying they can, not they will

      1. Mate, if someone kills himself/herself/itself, obviously he/she/it kills himself/herself/itself. So your statement is wrong. And also, Wargaming can actually change the tanks form Xmas boxes and not get affected by a sue, as the EULA says that they are free to change parameters to the vehicles they want and not even give a compensation if they don’t want. Also, it’s not fake publicity, they dropped the BZ and it had the parameters they promised. After that they can nerf it and as long as the parameters of the nerf are accordingly to the proper nerf. they can’t be sued.

    2. not a chance, if WG nerfs it, im taking them directly to eu courts and i have the funds to do so.

  2. Internet lawyers lol
    WG can do what they want. It’s their product and the terms and conditions state you don’t own shit.
    The tank you buy, you only essentially rent from WG. It’s still their property so they can change it whenever they want.
    They choose not to change it to avoid bad publicity.

      1. I hope they will but I doubt it. Please provide proof of your claim. I say this as an owner of the BZ.

  3. I know a way how to make BZ-176 balanced real fast – change its HE rounds to APCR and problem solved. Removing HEs will simply make it less toxic and perfectly balanced 😉

  4. This tank is fine. It’s the maps.
    It gets battered in frontlines because good maps. Shitty small corridor maps of random then it dominates

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