WoT: Battle Pass – Judgment Day

It’s Big, Indeed… And Heavy… And Metallic…
That’s right! Battle Pass: Judgment Day will be a special edition of Battle Pass based on the 1991 sci-fi classic, Terminator 2. It runs from January 12 through January 26 and features characters from the film as vehicle commanders, with plenty of other items dripping in lore!
Expect more information on January 3.
Oh, and one last thing! To thank you for your curiosity, we just credited your account with a small reward:
3 Case of Cola
1 Personal Reserve: +200% to Crew and Free XP for 1 hour
Hasta la vista, baby!


13 thoughts on “WoT: Battle Pass – Judgment Day

    1. Ohhh an arcade game about tanks able to magically repair themselves is not serious enough for the boy

      1. They don’t need to fix shit. When players keep paying and playing for a broken game.
        Players keep crying but still play so WG don’t care.

    1. That’s the eternal question…fix the game how? One player’s fix is another player’s sense of being screwed over. As for this offering, I might be done with spending money on the battle pass for the time being, unless there is a T9 tank that’s attractive enough for me to grind for.

      1. How?!
        WG have literally thousands of comments and feedback good and bad from players each year.
        We pay them enough for them to create a solution and fix their game ffs

  1. So it’s the T-32M with Terminator 3D style.
    3D of the M-V-Y and Phase I might be 4-5k gold each.
    Nothing special, nothing extraordinary.

  2. Sarah’s line is very self-aware “are we fighting against real commanders or cyborgs!

    given the BOTTING in wot… i’d say the ladder.

  3. I think I’d rather find a bag of dicks. I’d place them all over the outside of the tank just to watch them jiggle during recoil………..GG WG. GG.

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