WoT: Battle Pass – Judgment Day – Teaser Video

This video was posted accidentally by WoT ASIA and got removed very soon after publishing it.

38 thoughts on “WoT: Battle Pass – Judgment Day – Teaser Video

  1. Wow, those might be the worst voice actors ever. Especially the T-1000. Robert Patrick cannot be that expensive to book for VO work, and it’s not like he had any copyrighted catchphrases to encroach on.

    1. Have to agree here 100%. Also, Arnie just signed on to WG for holiday bonuses (tank, image, etc). Surely he could have given his audios for this mode.

      Even the Skill voiceover for the recent Commander’s packages was horrible. Sounded like Skill was on a cell phone in an area with bad reception.

      The QB one was bad also, but can’t tell if that’s because QB sounds like a twat in every regular stream or just during the voice capture sessions. Katyte is a better sound-over than QB. And probably a better tanker!

  2. Its the t32 m
    The copy of a ballanced tech tree t32 hahaha
    The crew sounds beside john are lame hahah

  3. So if I predict this correctly… There will be a battlepass marathon… Which you can grind… And your reward will be a T32 without a gun rammer (DPM is 18% worse then techtree T32)…

    And you will face BZ’s and Škoda T56’s in that tank?

    Why in the world would anyone want to grind that? This tank is beyond outdated. It will get raped so hard in todays meta its not even funny. Well played WG. Providing BZ players with even more free damage!

    1. Killed myself a china jet tank tonight, one on one playing my French Liberty tank. Funny 🤣.

  4. Was really excited for this. Still am more or less. Not sure if they are new tanks or 3D Styles. But can’t believe considering the connections and money that Wargaming have that they couldn’t afford Edward Furlong or Robert Patrick. Arnie could have done some more lines. Obviously getting Linda Hamilton would have been the big coup. And I’m sure her voice acting would have been great. It sounds quite generic. But hey, 4 more commanders? Sign me up.

  5. Always commanders we dont need other crews just commanders WG u think each time u give us a commander we will grind a tank for it?
    If I grind this mode and I dont think I will those commanders will sit in barracks collecting dust

  6. The last special commanders with voice were terrible. They sound like recorded on my kids Tomy audio recorder from 1980s.
    But players pay for this shit ?! 🤷🏻‍♂️👳🏿‍♂️

  7. Complainers here complain about everything, ridiculously.
    It’s just another content, they want to sell their product, wtf???
    If you’re not into the Terminator kind of things, simply ignore it. Is that too hard???
    Spitting on everything doesn’t make you somehow superior.
    I truly can’t understand why this site is so full of crying babies.
    Even when they simply put in the game an okay tank and some 3D styles, they complain.
    What’s wrong with that???

    1. Styles crews etc idc about its the balance i care about… I complain about how dumb HE/Hesh is how nerfed its become… And how SPGs are dirt nerfed… Why i praise lefh players.. Unfortunately… Players are toxic just in general… They go the double standard route.

      1. HE change + Intuition is a quality of life change. SPGs are always bad for the game. The current tank balancing is shit yes. Gold ammo is bad for the game too but it’s acceptable.
        All of those aspects affect our gaming experiences.
        I get it there will be people who like to stay in the base and click the hell out of everyone else, that’s why WG don’t remove SPGs from the game entirely. There will be people who spam gold at you whenever they can. There will be people who want to right-click auto-aim and spam HE at you whenever you peek, that’s why they hate HE change so much.
        All of the above factors either are good or are bad for the game, it affects the game.
        But this Battle Pass Special thing, it simply doesn’t matter, and people still complain, ridiculously.

        1. I guess you are a typical heavy tank player, who likes to sit in an OP location and farm. SPG’s are meant to counter camping steady plays. And if you would look around, then you would see, that the meta is shifting to even more heavily armored hull down tanks, just like the BZ…HE and SPG’s are actually good for the game. You just need to look at the whole picture.

          1. O really. Typical arta player, with the “SPG’s aRe mEaNt To cOuNtEr CaMpInG sTeAdY pLaYs waah” bullshit. I’v seen light tank players “camping” with full speed doing zig zags, and still getting clicked by that bullshit class of “tank”. BZ and (some of) the hull down tanks may be a big problem for the game, i admit that, but they can never destroy the game like arta does.

              1. Yes, arta IS a problem. Even with the best heavy tank, you still need to know what you are doing, with arta you just sit in the corner, and that’s it. Anybody can do that. And the best part is that if you have , lets say 1k battles in artillery, and have 50% winrate, that means you have 500 games when you are not even spotted (maybe less, because who knows, a light tank YOLO your base). Can you do that in a heavy tank? So get lost, clicker. Learn how to use your tracks. And brain.

                1. Wtf you even ranting about?!!
                  Another clueless freak.
                  Nobody else is here crying about artillery except you.
                  So please carry on and make yourself look even more of a cúnt

          2. Haha, “typical heavy tank player” he said.
            Let me tell you this, I’ve played the game over 30k battles. I’ve 3-marked a lot of tanks, from LT to TD, from the most active tanks to the most passive tanks. Even with TDs, I play very aggressively.
            I play some tier 10 MTs & HTs at 100% regularly.
            I guess I’m a quite experienced player, right?
            So, as an experienced player who play pretty much every kind of tanks, I can tell you that clickers are just shit, they do nothing but ruin your gaming experiences.
            When there was no Sound Detection, once I was sitting in the bush in Prokhorovka in my T92 LT, and then boom, I got blind-click and I died. I lost the game for no fcking reason, I got “out-clicked” so fcking hard by someone who didn’t even use their keyboard to play the game.
            WOW, SPGs, the holy square symbols that have been terrifying everyone who actually wants to play a TANK GAME, not a CLICK GAME.
            Haha, “good for the game” he said.

        1. First of all, using gay as an insult. Why? Do you think I’m offended that you are calling me gay? I’m a 35 year old gay woman and very proud of it. There’s a lot of LGBTQ people in WoT, so better just to accept us.

          Also, your comments are illegal in many countries. Mine included.

          1. Even the most lib “news” agencies suggest gays ( in all those ridiculous letter varieties ) are ~ 2% of the population. So the “There’s a lot . . . ” claim is a big stretch. And I’m very tired of the 2% trying to redefine how overall society works. It makes MUCH more sense for the 2% to try to get along with the 98% than to try to compel the 98% retool every definition, behavior, rule, law, etc to accommodate the micro 2% population. That is a good way to piss off the 98% and get them to FINALLY react to even increasing lib crazyness – probably in ways you won’t like!

            And “your comments are illegal in many countries. Mine included.” – Move to a country that hasn’t downed the woke Kool-Aid. There are many nations that still value true free speech and don’t get all offended any time someone is called out for something!

            1. Vast majority of people support LGBT rights. That’s already known. We aren’t forcing anything on anyone. We just want to live our lives and have the law support us in living them. Get a grip, snowflake. We are here to stay, and WoT does have a significant LGBT community. We just tend to keep to ourselves because of bigots like you. Good day.

              1. You aren’t forcing anything on anyone?

                Professors in Canada being fired because they won’t call some delusional person by his or her “preferred pronouns” ?

                Tranny shows “for kids” in the United States that include raunchy material unsuitable for young children ? Acts that, if done by a straight person, would end him or her in jail for various crimes against children.

                The EU ( and Ukraine ) implementing laws preventing SPEECH that disagrees with your agenda? With risks of criminal punishment for any dissenting speech? There’s no risk of that going full “1984”, right?

                IF the gay ( and all those ridiculous letters ) just did their thing privately, there wouldn’t be an issue and most of us wouldn’t care what you do in your bedrooms. But WE gave an inch, and YOU want a mile. We gave the mile, now you want 10 more. You are 2% trying to dictate the policies of the 98%. ENOUGH!

                1. Sisnour thing privately? You first. Don’t throw your hetrosexuality in my face. Don’t show your gender off in my face. Actually, I think I’ll proudly show my gender identity and sexuality. And surprise surprise, I’ve never had any trouble. In fact a lot of people smile when I tell them I’m trans. We talk about stuff and it’s very friendly. You talk about the 98%, but your views are that of a horrible minority.

                  So you want us to pretend and disguise who we are outdoors to protect your little feelings? How about you get over yourself and accept what the civilised world has become.

                  We’re here, we’re queer, and we’ll live as we please. Just like you do.

          2. These comments are illegal … Laughable!
            Think you’ll find that wot and Russia find “gays” illegal lmao

              1. So what?
                In my country we throw homo sexuals off the top of tall buildings.
                Which is not illegal….

                1. @QwaarJet
                  How much did you pay for that WoT eBay account you are playing with now?

  8. WG presents anything:

    Get a Life, guys.

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