WoT – Rigged Games Drama

Lately the issue of game rigging (and bots) seems to be getting worse and worse. In the videos below you can see a few good examples. However, I’ve long given up hope that Wargaming will do something about it, unfortunately. How do you feel about this issue? I know that the general consensus here is already to stop giving WG money, and this is a good extra reason to do so.

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45 thoughts on “WoT – Rigged Games Drama

  1. Just out of curiosity, do you have any evidence to support your statement that rigging is getting worse other than a video from (let’s be honest) a CC with polarizing and highly questionable tinfoil hat opinions about anything not going his way? Not talking about Skill4LTU obviously. There will be riggers in any online game with rewards or achievements that require either dedication, dumb luck or a bit of skill, no matter if you stop buying stuff from the publisher. Literally the only way to minimize the chance of rigging in such a blatantly obvious way as seen in the Klaus video, is to close down the low population servers. Do you expect a publisher to close down their servers? And if not, what should they do in order to minimize rigging? We can all agree that rigging should not have any place in the game. WG also gains absolutely nothing from accepting or promoting rigging, as people spend less resources on the game itself if they pay for rigging services. As Skill said in his video, don’t pay riggers for random pixel achievements wich you can also get yourself. WG is surely no publisher avoiding a quick buck (BZ-Premium, nothing more to add), but do you actually believe they will redirect resources to actively fight any (probably compared to the number of total battles per day) amount of rigging because a handful of players stop buying stuff?

    1. Your part of the problem with this game. Probably even on WG’s payroll. There is no tinfoil hat conspiracy here only idiots like you that refuse to accept the truth.

    2. You are braindead. It’s rigged specifically for money. Look at the game’s other mechanics for fuck sake.

  2. Claus Kellerman says that the game is rigged

    That’s like 99% of his content. Spend 20 thousand games crying that the game is rigged and you’re bound to be right at least once eventually.

  3. Typical Claus Kellerman Video, using exaggeratedly hysterical but meaningless claims to make himself sound important or like a savior or something.
    As he said himself, “Most players won’t even notice this problem until this guy posts the record to the public.” simultaneously he also tried to sell the opinion that this game is on the brink of destruction from some bots, funny guy.

    1. Hes right through and anyone who try disrupt other from taking action against should also be banned for cheating

  4. I can actually confirm that rigs are on the way. I found this guys: “Inimikum from the clan VOVA” and “WIELKAMACZUGA” eight times yesterday while playing. They were always on the enemy team and they were using teh E-25. I found them in the same team while they were not platooning, making over 4K damage per match in turns, first Inimikum made 4K damage and 6 kills on his E-25, later WIELKAMACZUGA did 3.5K damage and 7 kills on his, and that way over the matches.

    Finally i got so enraged i stopped playing the Tiger I and i used the BZ-176. After i killed both of them i got messages from them stating that they work for a company called SafeBoost and they are rigging matches in order to unlock the 3rd MoE for the E-25 of both players, menacing me with massive reports and tickets if i dared to report the situation, open a ticket to Wargaming or try to stop them.

    I hope they can answer to their clients why they got their accounts banned, because a friend of mine is a Wargaming Support officer i befriended almost 10 years ago, and he loves to ban boosting service riggers. If you want to help you can also report Inimikum and WIELKAMACZUGA so the Support has even more proofs against this two elements.

    1. According to Wot Labs, Inimikum has only 1 MOE on his E 25, and WIELKAMACZUGA shows zero games in the last 60 days ( and again only 1 MOE on his E 25).

      Maybe Wot Labs isn’t up to date. But seems odd a player who hasn’t played in 2 months would bother with a marking service.

      1. Just looked in-game. Both players only have 1 MOE on their E 25s. WIELKAMACZUGA DOES have a battle not reflected on Wot Labs from 27 December.

        1. Both of them seem to be compromised accounts or accounts used from SafeBoost, i read some Reddit posts where both of them seem to have entered the SafeBoost illegal program.

      2. I wouldn’t piss on Snotlabs if it was on fire. You get your 411 from them, I know what your problem is.

    2. that is a extreme case! However ! WHO REMEBER A VIDEO THAT QB made some months ago?

      that 3 tier X of his team die without shot a single shot?

      that happen all the time !!! YOU GUYS ARE NOT PAYING ATTENTION TO THE POST BATTLE STATS !!!

      HOW MANY BATTLES WITH 5 Min loss you guys looked at the pos stats ? With half of your team doing 0 damage without a single shot fired ?

      With me happen all the time !! and most of the time a single player at enemy team made crazy damage…..

      1. This is actually me also I end up rage quitting….. I should have actually checked it out as that’s exactly it, at LEAST about 4 people every match (that I seem to get stuck with) doing zero damage the rest playing like 8 yr olds that even do something.

  5. It’s been a long, long time since I had any respect for Kellerman. Not that I have any use for this scamming.

  6. As usual Kellerman is an alarmist and I hate that he propagates the rigging mentality to players, yeah that clearly is boosting but come on the sample is 1 out of thousands of games played in the day

  7. Sing it brother! About time someone posted a video showing the kinds of abuse a lot of us have complained about for years. And screw the Putin apologists and their lame defense of WGs business practices. Hey WG, guess what, no more REAL money for your fake product,…

    1. I am sure WG will never recover from loosing a customer calling people on the internet „Putin apologists“ for not having the same opinion as he does.

  8. It’s not like it never was an issue until Klaus made videos about it. It’s been an issue for years spiking up and down. MOE rigging I’ve seen weekly on EU when I play tier X often. Not seen it on other tiers tho personally.

    But bot rigging? As I only play on EU, I can’t see it being as effective here vs other regions with low, low populations at 4 AM. Tho one of the more simple fixes should be one login per PC at the least.

  9. Do you really expect a fair game from WG?a Belarussian company from an authoritarian despotic aggressor state?Klaus was right all along,just like SirFoch was.

  10. Can someone please gift some boxes to a friend of mine called Multiflash, as he i from Belgium? I can’t as i used my money for SafeBoost.

  11. Oh wow look at all the deniers, wg fan bois and trolls appear.
    Just like the threads on the EU forum that get shut down by the cúnt wg moderators.
    This rigging has nothing to do with crying about how wg manipulate and rig games.
    This is about players using hacked or sold accounts to act as damage farms for other players.
    This has a huge impact. When each one of these trash accounts plays 200 battles a week doing zero damage and several of these are in each battle that is a huge amount of games won or lost for real players.
    Because most players are 46% anyways they expect to lose. But with the constant 3 minute games this is because 4 to 8 players are going zero damage.
    Hate Claus all you want but what he showing is true.
    Because of this and RNG is why wot will never be an esport.
    WG haven’t been seen for months let alone comment on this non issue for them.
    So, accept and expect platoon rigging or stop paying and playing….🖕🏼

    1. Amen bro. Those that are on here denying rigging exits are employees of the rigging companies.

  12. Haha, who doesn’t know Claus Kellerman is a clown?
    I thought nobody watches his shitty ass stuffs but there are still some, surprisingly.
    Everything this guy does is complaining while still playing “the bullshit game” everyday.
    If you think QB is very unlikable, then you have mr. Claus Kellerman who is over 2x if not 3x more unlikable than QB =))))))
    I’ve played the game over 30k battles and never been in a rigged match even once.
    I complain about the shitty ass balancing and roflstomps, the real problems, not battle rigging.
    You can never stop battle rigging. People who don’t have much time to play will buy their way to get a Chieftain, 279e,… People who can’t get good in the game will spend money on boosting services.
    As long as it’s not a real problem, I don’t give a fck.

  13. I wouldn’t be surprised if WG has backroom dealings with paid boosting services – WG tolerates them unless they grossly misbehave (in which case they play the “we don’t tolerate rigging/cheating” card), and in exchange the boosters pay WG a percentage of their profit.

    I don’t see any other reason for which paid boosting is not suppressed.

    1. Absolutely, they prohibit account sharing, they have been banning botting accounts month after month.
      There are still people act like they did absolutely nothing.
      This is such a small issue to make a drama out of it. There are so many bigger issues.
      I hope these clowns cry louder then we might stand a chance of getting things actually fixed.

    1. Clearly if rigging still exists, its a feature, not an issue.

      Also, nice irony given having seen SafeBoosts as an ad on this site lul.

  14. I am just wondering.
    Why are people concerned with what other people are doing?
    You log on to a game, play as many games as you want to play, some games end 15-0 your way, some the other way, some are even, some are less even, some have 8-10 green+ players on a team vs. 8-10 oranges.
    People pay to get OP tanks that they want.
    It sort of sounds like real life, some people earn the goodies, and some people buy thier way to the goodies.
    All this anger and butthurt, over pixels. HA!!

    1. Yeah untill you got in a row of loss that half of your team dies with 0 damage and no shot fired… and stack in that loss into your stats….

      1. 1 game maybe in 60k+ did I see something like that.
        Shit happens.
        If you see it, send the replay to support, and switch servers.
        Jeeeze, so many butthurt monkeys.

  15. Its only a drama for the NOLIFE “pro” unemployed idiots like NOSkillsFromLTU (Skills4LTU) and SHITTYbaby. For us with BRAINS and dont pay wg we dont really give a shit.

  16. I love how Claus makes the snowflakes cringe.
    You take him too seriously, more than he does actually.
    And still, the cheating continues. Maybe some comments here are so pasisonal because they use their services, just like first obj 268 v4 players flood the comments and forums calling it not OP before the “rebalance”

  17. You want to see more vids? Go to WOT Replay. I spent an hour last night, watched a half dozen vids showcasing the exact same thing as Claus has shown. The losing team has anywhere from 4 to 8 AFK/ Bots that do ZERO damage. These vids were from the EU server as well as NA server. All of the vids were uploaded in the last week. AND remember, these rigged games are just the tip of the iceberg. Not every rigged battle, has a video uploaded
    The problem here as I see it, if I want to play a game where I know I’m gonna be cheated, I’ll go to Vegas and spend my time there. Eventually people will leave WG, if they feel they are not getting a decent chance at a positive result.

  18. I just come here when i read my other articles and am kinda bored…
    still like tanks but (luckily) stopped playing quite a while ago Oo

    … and it looks like i am missing all the FUN lol

    People: Minecraft /Dungeons, RDR, Neodash and whatnot were all on sale! what you doing 😀

    1. Example


      Uploaded !! 2019 !!

      and DONT tell me they DIDNT KNOW its a bot!
      34k fights. 320 wn8. AND STILL ACTIVE TO THIS DAY!!!!!!

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