WoT: Update 1.19.1 Common Test 2 – Kraftwerk Map Changes And More

The second Common Test of Update 1.19.1 is now available.

You can assess the many extensive balance changes on the Kraftwerk map for Frontline, which now offers a wider variety of tactics for both teams. We also return to standard first launch rules for activating and using Combat Reserves in our epic 30v30 mode. Additionally, Steel Hunter has received balancing changes.

Frontline will become available for testing shortly after the Common Test begins.

We appreciate your participation in the Common Test. To thank you for your time and engagement, we’ll credit useful rewards to your main account.

50 bonds and 9 directives (three of each type below):

  • Orderly Ammo Rack
  • Vent Purge
  • Stabilizer Greasing
  • 50 bonds
  • 1 Retraining Order
  • 50 bonds
  • 1 day of WoT Premium Account

You can only receive all the above rewards once per account for all the Common Tests you participate in. Only battles in which you have reached the rank of Sergeant or above are counted. Rewards will be credited within seven days after the end of the final Common Test of Update 1.19.1 in January 2023.

Kraftwerk Map Improvements

During the Update 1.19.1 Common Tests, Frontline is available for technical purposes and your consideration. It won’t be available as part of Update 1.19.1 after its release.

The Kraftwerk map for the Frontline mode has received a large number of important improvements meant to make gameplay more balanced and comfortable for both teams.

Much like Frontline itself, many of these changes are extensive and focused on expanding the tactics you can use in key areas of the battlefield. We’ve reworked a host of individual positions, buildings, driveways, and the like. Defenders and attackers now have a greater variety of options in different zones.

The most extensive changes were made in the following areas:

Left Line (Zones A and D)

  • New buildings were added in square J2 near base A to provide more cover. At point A, the driveway on the right side was removed, and more new cover was added in square H4.
  • Two new separate firing positions for attackers were added on the balcony in square J1. Additionally, more cover for defenders was added on the border of squares H1 and J1.
  • In square E1, the existing balcony was redesigned, and a new driveway was added to provide faster access to zone D.
  • The mountain range on the border of squares E1 and E2 was reworked. A balcony with firing positions for attackers was added, allowing players to aim at enemies in zone D. Plus, an easier and faster driveway to zone D from which players can easily retreat was added.

Middle Line (Zones B and E)

  • A new balcony for attackers was added in square G5 facing zone E. It can also be used by defenders when retreating.
  • The driveway to the power plant area towards base E in square F5 was reworked. Additional shelters for attackers were added, which can also be used by defenders as firing positions.

Right Line (Zone F)

  • In squares F8 and G8, an alternative safe passage to the base was added.
  • The riverside terrain was reworked to make it more comfortable for light tanks.


  • In squares B4 and C4, the environment of the large-caliber gun No. 2 was completely redesigned as follows:
    • The gun was moved closer to the border of zones D and E.
    • The mountain in square C4 was reworked, and additional buildings and entrances to the gun were added.
    • All buildings in square B4 were removed.
  • The road to the city in squares C5 and D5 has become safer.

The following areas received less extensive, albeit still significant, balance changes:

Left Line (Zones A and D)

  • In square H1, the mountain slope was extended to protect attackers capturing base A and to allow them to return fire at defenders.
  • Squares F1 and G1 were reworked. The railway embankment was expanded, and a second branch with wagons was added. The ground level was raised and additional cover was added to make the game more comfortable for attackers.
  • The terrain and cover systems were reworked in square D2 as follows:
    • A transitional defensive point (lowland) with access to two different directions was added.
    • The repair area was moved closer to zone D.

Middle Line (Zones B and E)

  • The area near base E is now more open so that attackers can shoot at it from the mountain balcony in squares E5 and F5.
  • There is now more cover in the repair zone in square D5.


  • In squares A1 and B1, the passage towards high-caliber gun No. 2 was improved: redesigned terrain, new hill and other cover, etc.
  • In square C4, the passage through the “border zone” was improvedadded more cover, leveled terrain for a more comfortable climb uphill, etc.
  • In the city in square C6, additional positions were added so that the attacking side can now return fire on defenders.
  • High-caliber gun No. 3 was moved closer.

We also made other selective balance adjustments—you can read about them in the patchnotes.

Vehicle Selection Filter Reworking and Standard Settings of Combat Reserves in Frontline

We also improved the vehicle selection filter in the Frontline mode to make it easier for you to find eligible vehicles to return to battle in. Now you can see regular, Premium, and rental vehicles separately.

In the second Frontline 2022 launch, we experimented with Combat Reserves cooldowns. In the upcoming final launch of the year, we will return to the standard cooldowns for activating and using Combat Reserves that were in effect during the first launch, which are as follows:

  • Upon unlocking and at the start of battle: 100% of base cooldown
  • Upon destruction: 60% of base cooldown until first activation

Steel Hunter

  • Heavy tanks received a small nerf as they dominated all stages of the game.
  • The Bái Láng and the Huragan received small boosts as they were ineffective in the early stages of the game.
  • The Harbinger, the Arlequin, and the Raven were rebalanced with buffs and nerfs.

The cost of renting tanks was modified:

  • Walküre — 350 
  • Harbinger — 350 
  • Bái Láng — 600 
  • Huragan — 600
  • Beowulf — 600

The lease duration for rented tanks was changed to last for five days.

Check out our handy public test guide with all the details about Common Tests, Sandbox Tests, and Supertests.


— Test client installer —

To take part, you’ll need the Wargaming.net Game Center (WGC), the latest Common Test game client, and a Wargaming.net account created prior to the cut-off date (see below).


All Wargaming.net accounts created before July 30, at 23:59 CEST can participate in the test.

Download and Install the Test Client


  • Run the test client installer.
  • Choose a different installation folder from where your regular World of Tanks game files are.
  • Select the freshly installed test client from the dropdown menu at the top of the WGC.
  • Roll out—and remember to pass on your feedback!

You can find more details about the WGC in the dedicated Wargaming.net Game Center guide.

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  1. nobody truly cares about your game modes unless they earn things
    while frontline WAS the best credit maker i think that it got beaten down by random suicide squads on credit earnings
    we all can see they hate to bring frontline but instead of making a permanent game mode they dislike it because its hard to ballance tanks that have been ballanced for short term battles
    Remember Frontline suposed to be the actual random battles
    such a better and more optimized mode if they ballance the tanks and the maps to it, it would be the best next gen randoms
    but why would WG invest in a already dead game, just buy the BZ dumbfuck tank for boxes and let them enjoy their new YachT
    dumb people

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