9 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: Steppes and Mountain Pass Map Changes (2nd iteration)

  1. Dude so they removing all the tds spots on steppes . I swear im not even kidding i want a refund on all my premium paper tds . 7 changes to steppes and its a geared towards taking away any spots for tds to use .

  2. What this debate over a little foliage shows is that it’s overdue for smoke to be incorporated in the game. If Armored Warfare, War Thunder and World of Warships can have smoke there’s no good reason for this game not to; particularly if the toaster computers of Russia have been abandoned.

  3. I am not from pidarusia, and yet my pc is a toaster(for certain reasons – apart from gpu). I am not sure that making this game unplayable on toasters solves an issue with pidarusian players.. However mechanic itself(smoke) is not that resource intensive(mostly gpus will be affected) so I am guessing that this can be integrated into the game painlessly, if it will be tested properly on different pc configs.

  4. Well, that slope on Mountain pass is interesting, as it connects two corridors. And they added some hard covers, so that pushing into the camping TDs is now at least possible.

    For Steppes the changes look rather bad for me, though.

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