WoT: Char Mle. 75 Review – A Speedy Scout

The Large Boxes for Holiday Ops 2023 are filled with exciting treats and surprises. Among the colorful 3D styles, heaps of gold, and plenty of credits, you’ll also find brand-new Premium vehicles wrapped in the New Year, Christmas, Lunar, and Magic Boxes.

We already introduced you to the three newcomers here. So, now it’s time to go into more detail and highlight their unique features, plus give you some crew and equipment recommendations.

One of this season’s holiday treats is the Char Mle. 75, a Tier IX Premium French light tank. Let’s take a closer look at this newcomer and check out its unique gas-turbine engine and burst-fire autoloading mechanics.


The Char Mle. 75 is not only the first Tier IX Premium light tank in the game; it’s also the first vehicle at this tier to sport a burst-fire autoloader. The 100 mm SA47-75 cannon uses clips of six AP, APCR, or HE shells. Unlike a regular autoloader, one shot from the Char Mle. 75 fires three rounds in rapid succession. This means it only takes two clicks to unleash the full hailstorm of shells. Both AP and APCR shells can cause an average of 200 HP of damage, with 200 mm and 240 mm of penetration, respectively. HE shells weigh in at 370 HP of damage with 53 mm of penetration. With its 42-shell capacity and three shells per clip, you will have a limited number of shots, so try to make every fight count.

As a fast scout, the Char Mle. 75 will not set damage records, but its gun handling and elevation angles are enough to hunt enemy light tanks, take out lower-tier tank destroyers, and finish off already battered opponents. However, using Rapid mode will impact the performance of your cannon, so make sure to switch before engaging.


The Char Mle. 75 is a light tank with armor to match its type, which means you should rely on your speed and camouflage more than your ability to ricochet shots or take damage. However, with 8 degrees of gun depression, you can successfully play hull-down tactics and give enemies a hard time hitting the small turret.

Just remember to constantly analyze and adapt to the situation on the battlefield if you want to see the end of the match. Collect intel for your team as an active scout, then only take on the role of a lightning-fast flanker to finish off stragglers or tanks low on HP.

If you can tame the hurricane power of the Char Mle. 75, you can make a decisive contribution to your team’s victory.


The Char Mle. 75 has a real ace up its sleeve when it comes to mobility. As one of the first tanks equipped with a gas-turbine engine, it can literally go into overdrive and turn on Rapid mode. Just like the CS-63, for example, this French newcomer can also choose between extra speed and agility, or better gun handling, view range, and camouflage.

In Cruise mode, the top speed maxes out at 55 km/h, the view range sits at a usable 370 meters, and the camouflage values are almost average. However, if you switch to Rapid mode, you’ll increase your top speed to 75 km/h and become one of the fastest tracked vehicles in the game! Turret rotation, view range, camouflage values, and even aiming time will take a hit, but your improved power-to-weight ratio will let you take the best positions right from the start, so you can easily get to places that other lights can only look at in envy.

Aboard this French speedster, knowing the battlefield is more important than ever. So, brush up on the best scouting positions if you want to get the most out of the newcomer.

Switching between engine modes in the Char Mle. 75 also affects some of its combat characteristics. Check out the differences between the Cruise and Rapid modes in the table below.


Cruise Mode

Rapid Mode

Top speed/Reverse speed (km/h)



Concealment moving (%)



Concealment stationary (%)



Engine power (h.p.)



Turret traverse speed (deg/s)



View range (m)



Aiming time (s)




Check out the setup below to ensure the maximum performance of your tank.

Improved Ventilation Vertical Stabilizer Improved Aiming
Commander’s Vision System Coated Optics Low Noise Exhaust System
Crew Skills

Situational Awareness


Brothers in Arms
Snap Shot


Brothers in Arms
Smooth Ride


Brothers in Arms

Get the Vehicles

The Char Mle. 75 is one of the most valuable goodies available from the Large Boxes 2023, which also contain other Premium vehicles, 3D styles, and more. In addition to guaranteed Holiday Ops resources and gold, Boxes may include a Tier VIII or IX Premium vehicle. Head to the Premium Shop to purchase Large Boxes and get your chance to park this brand-new light tank in your Garage!


6 thoughts on “WoT: Char Mle. 75 Review – A Speedy Scout

  1. A great fun tank, the engine sound is unique, the 3 round burst (I think is unique), agility is fine, but damage dealing is very low.
    Even when flanking tanks at point blank range.
    The narrow turret means nothing, as the hull reminds me of the CDC, (a nice phat blobby target). And it’s not like you are going to ridgeline with it.

    You can snipe a little bit, but only expect 1 out of the 3 burst to hit, that said, I often get the same result flanking enemy engines at point blank range.

    Not sure why, but I love it, and it’s a lot of fun.

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