WoT: Raise Funds for Project Hopemas 2022 and Claim Stream Giveaways

Dedicated Charity Streams


Monday, December 5
Sunday, December 11

Our goal is to raise $10,000, but hopefully, you can help us surpass that target! Participate in the silent auction, and tune in to take part in new giveaways as we reach donation milestones. We’ll also put our stream hosts, eekeeboo, Keyhand, Iksta, and TragicLoss, to the test, so make sure to get involved and see the carnage unfold!

You can donate directly to Project HOPE via the dedicated Tiltify page linked below. There, you can also find more information about milestones and track our donation goals.


What You Can Get for Donating: Milestone Giveaways and Donation Activations

On top of contributing to a worthy cause, this is also your chance to grab fresh rewards for reaching various milestones! Choose from a pool of terrific in-game vehicles and other items, including the XT-22 medium and XFV215b (183). By meeting one of the donation levels below, you can activate special “objectives” on the stream, including having the host shave or dye their hair, and letting the Twitch chat play Topography to launch a giveaway.

Giveaway Milestones

$2,500 360 Days of WoT Premium Account
$5,000 A video of ice water being dumped on all of our Video Content Managers
$8,000 VIIAMX 13 57 , VIIE 25 , VPz.Kpfw. V/IV
$10,000 VIIIType 59 , VIIIType 59 G
$15,000 VIIIISU-130 , VIIIKanonenjagdpanzer
$20,000 XT-22 medium , XAMX 50 Foch (155) , XFV215b (183)

Donation Levels

$1 The host will add one sticker to their face
$5 The host will hold one small marshmallow in their mouth. They will add more marshmallows with additional donations

Iksta will eat a flavored jelly bean

$10 Pitch up and down the host’s voice
$25 The host will hold one large marshmallow in their mouth. They will add more marshmallows with additional donations

Iksta will eat 5 flavored jelly beans at once

$50 The host will swap their hands between the keyboard and mouse for one battle

Keyhand will play one battle without his glasses

$100 The host will roll a six-sided die and eat the corresponding number of Warheads
$250 The host will shave their head or dye their hair (once per host)
$500 The Twitch chat will control the tank in Topography. If they successfully complete the battle, a giveaway will begin (once per day, TragicLoss’ stream only)

Take Part in the Silent Auction

From December 5 through December 11, players can take part in the silent auction and bid on special items like vehicles, in-game bundles, retired 3D styles, and much more! All monetary contributions will go directly to Project Hopemas 2022, so it’s a great way to help a worthy cause and expand your collection at the same time. Players can bid on the following items:

How Does the Silent Auction Work?

Complete the form, including all required fields, the item you’d like to bid on, and the amount you’d like to bid (in $USD).

You can bid multiple times on more than one item throughout the bidding period. After the stream ends on Sunday, December 11, and bidding has closed, the highest bidder on each item will be contacted to provide proof of their donation equal to the amount of their winning bid(s). Once provided, their items will be organized, credited, and/or shipped.

Winning bidders who do not provide proof of donation will be considered absent and the next highest bidder for the given item will be contacted.

When you click “Submit,” we will collect and process the information provided in the form to fulfill our obligations under this Charity Auction. Personal data is retained for 45 days after all Lot Winners have received their items. After this period, this personal data will be deleted.

Winning bidders can make their donations via the following link:


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