WoT: Introducing The KV-1SA

This newcomer is a Tier V “close relative” of the KV-1S, a classic Tier VI heavy beloved by many veteran players of the game. The KV-1SA has an autoreloader gun, combining the potential to deal heavy damage over a short period of time with the mobility and decent protection of the KV-1S. Take the KV-1SA out for a spin!


The KV-1SA joins the ranks of several beloved KV-1 variants in the game, all of which are known for their versatility and solid damage potential. But at first glance, it looks like the newest KV tank can’t keep up with its peers.

A 76 mm canon, only 110 HP of damage per shot, an average penetration value of 120 mm with standard APCR shells, and around 1,500 DPM—there doesn’t seem to be anything outstanding about this Soviet heavy tank.

However, as the name indicates, the KV-1SA has an ace up its sleeve! Equipped with a reverse autoreloader similar to an IS-3A, this newcomer earns its place with an impressive 550 HP of burst damage potential. That’s enough to take out light tanks and tank destroyers with one clip. It’s even enough to take big HP bites out of enemy medium and heavy tanks.

Unlike a regular autoreloader, the reverse mechanic loads the first shell in about 4.3 seconds, while loading the fifth shell for a fully loaded clip takes 10.5 seconds. The more shells remain in the clip, the longer they reload. Take advantage of the short intra-clip reload time and always let the enemy feel your full force. The heavy tank also has APCR shells as standard and special ammunition, with a good 950 m/s shell velocity.


The KV-1SA has one of the lowest hit point values of its tier: only 800 HP. It’s a decent amount, but it’s also something to keep in mind, especially as turret and hull armor leave much to be desired. They are thick enough for the occasional bounce, but do not rely on them.

It’s better to increase your chances of reaching the end of the match by properly angling the tank and utilizing its side armor.

The view range of the KV-1SA is better than its fellow KV peers, but at 320 meters, it’s below the class and tier average.


The KV-1SA is a heavy tank, which is made very clear with its mobility. Although it leads the charge of its tier with a 43 km/h top speed, gravity needs to be on your side to achieve these numbers. Its true performance in the field is closer to that of a KV-220-2 because of the low power-to-weight ratio.

Let your fellow tank commanders lead the charge, and roll up after to hold the line.


Check out the setup below to ensure the maximum performance of your tank.

Improved Hardening Improved Ventilation Turbocharger
Improved Hardening Improved Ventilation Improved Aiming
Crew Skills

Log in to the game right now to receive your Well-Deserved Reward, use your Tokens to choose additional gifts, and take the KV-1SA for a spin on the battlefield if you can!

Roll Out!

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    1. Its a close range brawler tank and can circle strafe most heavy tanks… Which is pretty insane to think of.. Yes this tank is like the OI experimental when it was dummy fast 40 kph and can reach it… Gun is terrifying… Go mobility build with the improve hardening and growsers and turbo… Its a fat t-50-2 that thinks its a pz5/4 this is how it feels to me..

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