WoT: Large Boxes Exclusive 3D Styles

Amazing 3D Styles for Tier IX and X Vehicles

If you don’t currently own the vehicle, you will still receive the 3D style, and you can apply it once you have the tank. You can only get one 3D style of each kind per account, which means that the styles that you have already obtained will no longer drop.

Jupiter Fulgur for  Xthe Super Conqueror

Sleipnir for  Xthe Strv 103B

Asterius for  Xthe Controcarro 3 Minotauro

Constellation for  Xthe Bat.-Châtillon 155 58

Levante for  IXthe Char Futur 4

Finally, you may find one of six stunning 3D styles from last year’s Large Boxes for the following vehicles:

One thought on “WoT: Large Boxes Exclusive 3D Styles

  1. Yes!!! I’ve wanted a cool 3d style for my batchat 155!

    I rarely play it, but I now get to rub my cool style in the enemy Arty’s faces in late game shotgun light tank plays.

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