WoT: Large Boxes Premium Tanks

We hope you’re excited about Holiday Ops 2023! If you’re looking to add more fun and magic to our festive event, unwrap our Large Boxes containing cool presents—you may even unwrap brand-new Premium tanks! Read on for more details.

Guaranteed Vehicle Mechanics

Large Boxes feature guaranteed vehicle mechanics. It’s simple: If you open 49 boxes but still have not received a Premium vehicle, then, with the 50th opening, you’re guaranteed to receive a random Premium Tier VIII or IX tank that you don’t own from the set list below.

There will be a special guaranteed vehicle counter in the game client on the Large Box opening screen. Each time you get a Tier VIII or IX Premium tank, this counter is reset, and the countdown to the next Tier VIII or IX vehicle drop starts over.

As soon as you have all the Tier VIII and IX vehicles from Large Boxes on your account, you will be compensated in gold for the value of each subsequent dropped tank according to the standard rules. A Garage slot will also be added.

Formidable Tanks for Your Collection

The most valuable and coveted gifts you might find inside Gift Large Boxes are the formidable Tier VIII and IX Premium tanks, including three brand-new vehicles. Each box may contain one Tier VIII or IX Premium tank from the following list:

  • NEW! 
    The M47 Iron Arnie: A multi-role Tier VIII American medium tank, and the undisputed star among our brand-new headliners! This is an improved version of the M47 Patton II tank, with an enhanced armament and armor, and is based on the same vehicle that Arnold Schwarzenegger owns! Additional protection is provided by metal screens on the turret and hull, and a 105 mm gun was installed for firepower. Its dynamics and aiming time are not the best at Tier VIII, but they are well made up for by the excellent 230 mm of armor penetration with a standard AP shell and outstanding frontal protection. The multi-role M47 Iron Arnie can play as a powerful assault tank on the most dangerous sectors of the front line and carry its team.

The M47 Iron Arnie comes with a special style that emanates celebrity vibes and will remind your opponents who the real battle star on the battlefield is!

  • NEW! 
    The BZ-176: A Chinese Tier VIII heavy tank, and a pioneer of the upcoming branch featuring the new jet booster mechanic. This slow but sturdy brawler has excellent armor characteristics, reaching 250 mm in the turret. Another feature of the BZ-176 is its 160 mm gun with good aiming time, and a damage per shot of 650 HP with a standard AP shell. Just beware of its very long reload time. The BZ-176 has a top speed of 30 km/h, but keep in mind that the jet booster mechanic increases the engine power and top forward speed, turning your vehicle into an unstoppable combat typhoon clearing everything in its path.

  • NEW!
     The Char Mle. 75: A French Tier IX light tank, and a truly unique vehicle for your collection. This agile scout with skill-based gameplay features two speed modes: standard mode (the default one) and rapid mode (the fast one). It is armed with a 100 mm gun equipped with a six-shell autoloader. But the most interesting hallmark is that the gun fires bursts of several shells, not single shots. The burst includes three shells, each of which causes 200 HP of damage. The vehicle’s gameplay is based on the timely switching between the two speed modes.

  • The Vipera: An Italian Tier VIII tank destroyer with a significant 400 HP of alpha damage and 220 mm of default penetration. It packs a powerful autoloader, firing five shells in 24 seconds, with an unconventional six-second delay between shots. Plenty of frontal armor, a semi-traversable turret, and -10 degrees of gun depression make this viper the ultimate hunter, allowing you to cause a quick 2,000 HP of damage.

  • The AMBT: An American Tier VIII medium tank featuring a three-shell autoreloader. As the game’s first American autoreloader, the AMBT is a hybrid between single-shot and autoloading tanks. This, combined with its ricochet-friendly hull design, reliable turret, and appreciable gun depression, makes the AMBT a great tank for hull-down tactics. This gunslinger gives you the tools you need to become a unique support warrior in any battle!

However, you might receive one of these Tier II–V Premium vehicles instead. All of them are real historical projects:

  • NEW! 
    The A25 Harry Hopkins I: A Tier IV British light tank. This is a classic British light scout with a chassis from the Tetrarch I tank, plus a reinforced hull and an improved turret. Armed with a fast-firing 2-pdr Gun Mk X-B HH cannon, the A25 Harry Hopkins I is great for all fans of an aggressive and assertive playstyle.

  • NEW! 
    The Pz.Kpfw. KW I (r): A Tier V German heavy tank. This is a captured KV-1 tank with a modernized turret and a German 7,5 cm Kw.K. 40 L/48 gun
  • . This tank retained the main features from the KV-1: decent all-around armor and good armament, but poor mobility. Unlike the KV-1, it has a better damage-to-rate of fire ratio—it causes less damage per shot but reloads faster. The Pz.Kpfw. KW I (r) also features a higher view range thanks to the commander’s cupola on the turret.

  • NEW! 
    The SU-2-122: A Tier V Soviet tank destroyer, and another one-of-a kind vehicle. This is the first double-barreled TD and the first double-barreled HE-based gameplay vehicle in the game. Externally, it is a chassis from a T-34 tank, on top of which is a cabin with two 122 mm howitzer guns. They can fire HE or HEAT rounds simultaneously or one after the other. For the opportunity to destroy a same-tier vehicle with one double shot, you will have to pay with poor accuracy and aiming time. The SU-2-122 also inherited decent mobility and mediocre hull armor from the T-34.

  • The Pz.Kpfw. 38H 735 (f): A Tier II German light tank. During the French Campaign, Germany captured about 600 Hotchkiss 39 vehicles, which were modified and continued to serve in Wehrmacht units. World of Tanks veterans may remember that the “Minimaus” or “Hotchy” was once the most feared tank in Tier II battles. It is basically a Hotchkiss H35 with significantly better top speed, hit points, frontal armor, view range, and penetration. You may use it as a breakthrough tank or a durable sniper.

  • The М3 Light: A Tier III Soviet light tank. This legendary vehicle was created in 1938–1941 based on the M2 and entered mass production in 1941. A total of 13,000 vehicles of different modifications were produced and supplied to almost all Allies under Lend-Lease. This vehicle features very good frontal armor for a light tank, immune to most guns. The М3 Light is an effective flanker, and it has a fast-firing gun but low penetration, so shooting at the sides of enemy tanks is a must.


If you receive a vehicle that is already in your Garage, you will be compensated its full value in gold, no matter how many times it happens. A free Garage slot will also be added.

14 thoughts on “WoT: Large Boxes Premium Tanks

  1. Still wondering what it’s going to take to get the TL-7 on the NA server. Also, a little surprised that the French T9 scout wound up being a premium, as it seems so quirky that it feels like “Battle Pass” fodder.

  2. They actually pushed the BZ-176 BullZhit out with it’s straight better gold ammo, more pen, more damage, zero drawbacks. And undoubtedly the whales will eat it up, why stand for a better game when you can be part of the damn problem.

      1. Read the stats again, 650 is the AP round, the HE round is 800 damage and has better penetration than the standard AP round.

    1. As one of those whales I’m actually not terribly happy about this I’ll probably just shoot standard ammo if I get it and they haven’t changed it for release.
      I was really hoping they keep the weak spot on the hatch for the gun depression.

  3. I’m not really interested in any of these tanks. So thanks for the heads up I can save my cash for Xmas food and energy costs to keep warm

  4. only interested in the low tier kv and the double barrel TD. The top tiers expect for the amb all suck to my play style. Will get boxes for gold tho

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