WoT: Gift Terminal – Object 283

The festive season is the perfect time for receiving presents! During Holiday Ops, you can get them in the Gift Terminal directly in your Village using special Tokens.

In some special cases, you might even get the Object 283, a brand-new Tier IX Special Soviet medium tank—either as a rental for several Random Battles or as a permanent addition to your collection!

For each Token spent, you will get one surprise gift. You might receive consumables, Personal Reserves, and other loot.

You can get Tokens for upgrading your Festive Atmosphere Levels, as rewards for completing Missions From Milla, or by purchasing them with Holiday Ops resources (after certain conditions are met).

Gift Terminal

Among the many wonderful objects that you will find in your Village, there will also be a Gift Terminal, in which you can spend special Tokens that you can get in the following ways:

  • For improving your Festive Atmosphere levels
  • As rewards for completing Missions From Milla
  • In exchange for Holiday Ops resources

You will be able to purchase Tokens with resources when all three conditions below are met:

  • Reach Festive Atmosphere Level X
  • Complete 10 Arnie’s Assignments
  • Complete 10 Milla’s Assignments

Thus, the Gift Terminal will help you invest unused resources and get your hands on additional rewards before the end of Holiday Ops!

For each Token spent, you will receive one gift. What could it be? It’s always a surprise! You may get various regular in-game gifts or some rare gifts—these two categories of gifts have their own drop rates. Check it out:

Gift Terminal Drop Rates

Regular gifts with drop rate 89%:

  • Free XP
  • Demounting Kit
  • Credits
  • Standard Personal Reserve: +50% to credits for 1 hour
  • Garage slot
  • Standard Personal Reserve: +50% to XP for 1 hour
  • Large Repair Kit
  • Large First Aid Kit
  • Large Automatic Fire Extinguisher
  • Random directive for crew
  • Random directive for equipment
  • Training Booklet (random nation)
  • Training Guide (random nation)
  • Random piece of Class 1 equipment

Rare gifts with drop rate 11%:

  • NEW! Tank Object 283 for rent
  • NEW! Tank Object 283 permanently

11 thoughts on “WoT: Gift Terminal – Object 283

  1. Gotta love Wargaming’s vendetta against giving away anything good even if it is rare, 1580 health on this stat sheet, when the last patch dropped it to 1600 from 1700, all while it was already an underperformer up at 1700.

  2. This thing doesn’t really have armor. The gun looks okay apart trash AP. Everything is average or below average.
    Not a total crap but definitely worthless.

  3. I love that getting the tank and getting it RENTAL is the same chances, so when i got the animation, i didnt even know i could get it rental

    1. oh the chances are not the same. While I don’t know the drop rates for the permanent tank, I know that they are drastically lower than the drop rates for the rental, which is 11%.

  4. Do somebody know if i have Obj 283 for rent so can i get him penamently or i need to first play 5 batlles on rented tank first?

  5. Damn, and I got it for 30 battles, and after that it is gone with no chance to purchase? That seems to be rather stupid on WG’ s part.

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