WoT: Prime Gaming November Sneak Peek – 2022 FIFA World Cup

The set is themed and dedicated to the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

Commander “Ferenc” – A tank battle is similar to a soccer match. You start cautiously and carefully, trying to see through your opponents. You take a position appropriate to your role. You withdraw if your team needs help. But most of all, you stay on full alert, looking for an opportunity to attack … And when it does, a good shot is enough.


Immortal Classic Medal – A unique medal bundled with Prime Gaming.

First Whistle Sticker – Unique sticker bundled with Prime Gaming.

“Winning Goal” Sticker – A unique sticker bundled with Prime Gaming.

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22 thoughts on “WoT: Prime Gaming November Sneak Peek – 2022 FIFA World Cup

  1. A tank battle is similar to a soccer match.

    A soccer match lasts up to 120 minutes, not 3 and a half like the typical WoT match, and that’s just one thing.

        1. He is complaining about the length of the typical wot game, not the maximum duration. It’s not my fault that using metaphors isn’t his forte.

          1. Comparing apples and pears…..if he compares “lasts up to” to “average”…then he is not so smart. Also bunch of other factors…like real life/virtual.. Just saying. Dumbo is not just a flying elephant

    1. You decide, how long they survive or if you give back theirs passports 😉 Anyways you can save a lot of concrete 😉 😉

  2. A combination of a clown and blood on his face really sums up this world cup. All who actually support this shit are fools and have blood on their hands!!!

    1. Dude…the commander is based in Ferenc Puskas…not Szalasi..

      The sticker represents one of the most famous photo of Puskas..

  3. Amount of ozone hole increase caused by airconditioned desert….armagggggeeeeddddddoooooooooooonnnnnnnnn.

    Also expensive alcool and no naked fans..so it if not a football

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