WoT: Halloween Game Mode Updated Rewards

Here are the changes:

Daily missions: We decided to add an extra daily mission that gives you up to 150,000 credits each day for playing Pumpkin Bash battles.

Event progression: We decided to make the mission that rewards you with crew members and customizations easier to complete.

Changes will come into effect with the start of the 2nd stage of the event.

8 thoughts on “WoT: Halloween Game Mode Updated Rewards

  1. Well at least they decided to add it rather than not adding it. I didn’t mind not making credits or exp until I remembered you have to pay for your normal consumables and event consumables.

  2. This mode and onslaught are probably both the worst ever events.
    It’s almost as if they tried to do make it the worst ever … Which they did!
    Then to see the two homo neck beard developers trying to justify their onslaught mode to that pedo eekooboo was unbelievable

    1. Ouslaught sucks? Absolutely yes, you need to grind 160 wins to get the rewards. That’s an insane amount of grinding, not to mention that the mode is boring as F.
      This Halloween mode on the other hand, is quite fun and relaxing. Yes it gets boring easily but if you just go for a few runs after a tryhard session, it’s a good treatment for your mentality.

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