WoT: Halloween 2022 Known Issues

  • If a player’s vehicle gets destroyed while spotted, it will respawn spotted. Any possible harm resulting from this will be offset by a temporary invulnerability shield applied to every vehicle after it gets resurrected.

  • The gun reload time shown in the Garage and in battle may differ insignificantly (with the former exceeding the latter by less than 1%). In such cases, the correct reload time is the one shown in battle.
  • If a player disconnects while in battle with Combat Abilities activated and then reconnects, the activated abilities may not be highlighted in the UI.
  • Battle replays are not officially supported for Pumpkin Bash battles, but you can still record them. Minor graphics glitches (mostly UI-related) are possible.

3 thoughts on “WoT: Halloween 2022 Known Issues

  1. Almost like every game ever has problems with bugs and code issues that cause jank when they release updates, but cause it’s wot it’s different and special cause no one who plays this game seems to enjoy it or like anything about it even tho they keep playing it and spending money on it.

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