WoT: Halloween 2022 Details

From October 20 at 5:00 CEST (UTC+2) through November 4 at 4:00 CET (UTC+1), the Pumpkin Bash event will boil and bubble like a magical cauldron. Come one, come all—for heated PvP revelry and some nice prizes, among which is the loyalty of the first crew of coven members in World of Tanks!

Battle Mechanics

Eligible Vehicles

You can participate in Pumpkin Bash battles in any Tier VI–VIII vehicle. The matchmaker will try to set up a single-tier, 15v15 battle. If that isn’t possible, the matchmaker will consider other options: first, multi-tiered battles, and then the 10v10 and 7v7 formats.

Wheeled vehicles will have separate battles in the Pumpkin Bash mode with the same matchmaker logic. On some occasions, you may have to wait in a queue for your battle to start.

For those who don’t have wheeled vehicles, the following rental ones will be available for the duration of Pumpkin Bash:

Victory Conditions

Unabashed Halloween PvP fun shows in very special victory conditions. In Pumpkin Bash engagements, you can win in either of the following ways:

  • Capturing both (yes—BOTH) bases
  • Helping your team do more overall damage than the other side before the battle ends


Relentless foe-bashing is more than welcome because, should your vehicle get destroyed, you respawn again in the same vehicle in designated Resurrection Points, with no limits for resurrections. You come back into battle with full ammo, regular consumables, and special consumables (Combat Abilities) that you had at the battle’s start. By the way, repairs and ammo are free and unlimited in Pumpkin Bash. It should be noted that you receive neither credits nor XP in Pumpkin Bash battles, but the prizes more than make up for that!

Combat Abilities

Pumpkin Bash magical Combat Abilities come in addition to regular consumables in event battles. Passive Combat Abilities give your vehicle some juicy bonuses, and Active Combat Abilities bestow some quirky beneficial effects upon your ride. They cost just 3,000 credits each in the in-game Store. Before a Pumpkin Bash battle, you can outfit your tank with up to three different Combat Abilities, mixing and matching them as you wish. It doesn’t matter how many of them are Active or Passive. You can even go all Active or all Passive.

Combat Abilities are activated with the 1, 2, and 3 buttons, and the shell types are instead mapped to the 7, 8, and 9 buttons. This is for your convenience, as you most likely will use Combat Abilities more often than you will change your shell type in Pumpkin Bash battles. The regular consumables stay in their place (buttons 4, 5, and 6).

Active Combat Abilities

Magic Shield
Protects against any damage (except drowning and impact) for 3 seconds.
Cost: 3,000 credits
Increases engine power and top speed.
Cost: 3,000 credits
Restores 20% of vehicle hit points, extinguishes fire, and repairs all damaged modules.
Cost: 3,000 credits
Fire Shot
Sets an enemy vehicle on fire upon penetration.
Cost: 3,000 credits
Destroys enemy tracks and gun upon penetration.
Cost: 3,000 credits

Passive Combat Abilities

Increases vehicle hit points by 25%.
Cost: 3,000 credits
Hail of Fire
Reduces gun reload time by 20%.
Cost: 3,000 credits
Enchanted Armor
Increases damage from your ramming and protects your vehicle from ramming.
Cost: 3,000 credits
Reduces gun dispersion and aiming time.
Cost: 3,000 credits


The Jack-o’-Lantern is an arcane source of various super buffs you may pick up during the battle, some of which can potentially alter the battle’s course. Cast a glance at the minimap often (as you always do), and you’ll know when this epically magical drop appears. Keep in mind that the Jack-o’-Lantern bonus is random, so you won’t see what you’ll pick up until you do! Once you have it, you keep the buff until your vehicle is destroyed.

Pumpkin Gifts

Detrimental Jack
Increases damage dealt by you by 100%.
Flaming Jack
Each hit sets the enemy vehicle on fire upon penetration.
Decaying Jack
Each hit destroys enemy suspension and gun upon penetration.
Rapid Jack
Increases rate of fire by 50%.


Pumpkin Bash battles take place on four maps. These locations will seem vaguely familiar because they have been “Halloweenified,” becoming mysterious and even mystical. While the maps are darker than usual, a full moon is shining brightly over each of them, so you’ll see where to drive to and what to aim at. Take a look at some misty vistas below!



The Pumpkin Bash progression consists of five Stages. For every Stage, there’s a three-day period to complete its Stage Missions and claim the rewards. After that, the Stage gets locked and the next one starts. Make sure not to miss any of the Stages—some of the prizes’ features work only in a team (more on that in the Rewards section below). And make sure to log in daily for a helping of Combat Abilities!

Halloween Points

Sorcery-infused armored combat gives you Halloween Points after each battle you win. The number of Halloween Points you receive is calculated according to the same rules as the amount of XP in Random Battles.

Stage Missions

Every Stage has two Stage Missions for you. To complete the first one, you need to earn Halloween Points. You will receive bonds and regular consumables. The second Mission of every Stage requires you to use a specific Combat Ability in multiple Pumpkin Bash battles. The reward is a fabulous female crew member or a sarcastic feline crew member, plus a special personalized 2D style of theirs and some decals.

Witch Crew

Bonds and consumables are good, but we dare say the first-ever witch crew is even better! Especially considering it’s a fully voiced crew of sorceress tankers and their token cat. And by “fully voiced,” we mean every crew member has custom lines and reactions to what is happening in a given moment.

halloween crew members 001
halloween crew members 002
halloween crew members 003
halloween crew members 004
halloween crew members 005
halloween crew members 001 halloween crew members 002 halloween crew members 003 halloween crew members 004 halloween crew members 005

To have them all talking (and to make your battles feel like something between a road trip movie and a magic carpet ride), you need to put all five magical crew members into the same vehicle. That’s why it’s important to complete all five Stages of the Pumpkin Bash event! However, if you do miss some Stages, don’t worry—you’ll still be able to unlock supernatural crew members, 2D styles, and decals for gold later.

When only the commander, Cordelia Astra, is present in a tank of yours, the limited second-option soundtrack will activate, which features the lead witch’s vocals.

2D Styles

Each Pumpkin Bash heroine and their hero cat comes with a fit-all 2D style. Their patterns are the same, but the coloring is different. Along with the reward ones, there are two more 2D styles to remember Halloween 2022: “Iron Jack” and “Boo”. They are both obtainable in special packages in the in-game Store.

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