WoT Supertest: Changes On Live Oaks

The map has a small imbalance in favor of the upper base. Taking the passage to the town by the lower team is difficult due to lines of fire at the vehicle route into town. 

The lower team also has some difficulties with attacking the upper base from the town and along the lowland.

1) The town was reworked to provide more comfortable gameplay for heavy tanks.

2) The routes into town and to the bases were improved. Now, reaching the town from the lower base is safer.

3) The gameplay area for the lower base team was improved to provide more positions from which to attack and defend the direction.

4) Intermediate cover was added for the lower team when attacking the upper base along the lowland.

5 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: Changes On Live Oaks

  1. Why the different resolutions now? or rather RATIOS?
    odd… the other slider things were perfect squares

    Not a fan of the thin town. being shot from the side isnt funny
    but the rest looks fine and who knows…

    1. I suspect it’s because the other base can shoot into town when they get pushed far enough. But the other side has to wait until town fails. IMO it’s a good change. Mixed with the tiny HT corner that’s bigger. Town might flow better for most classes vs just those with armor.

      1. Hm

        more importantly: i hope they make that camper map playable at last.
        Prokorowka is so boring and crap. If you got an elc and the enemy does not, thats a win for you. Nothing more to it. Same way around. You can’t move an inch without being shot. its a test of patience… blocked it since the option was ingame

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