WoT CT 1.18.1: French Heavy Tank Nerfs

Changes from the second iteration of Common Test 1.18.1

AMX M4 ml. 54 (
🇫🇷France, Tier-10, HT, techtree).
• Repair cost: from 26,400 to 25,300 credits
• Movement spread (max): from 0.12 (4.80) to 0.12 (4.20)
• Durability/HP of the tank: from 2,400 to 2,300 HP
• Max. forward speed: from 40 to 35 km/h

AMX M4 mle. 51 (🇫🇷France, Tier-9, HT, techtree).
Chassis 1/2 – AMX M4 mle. 51 (Stock)
• Dispersion from movement (max): from 0.16 (6.40) to 0.16 (5.60)
Suspension 2/2 – AMX M4 mle. 52 (TOP)
• Dispersion from movement (max): from 0.14 (5.60) to 0.14 (4.90)
• Max. forward speed: from 40 to 35 km/h

AMX 65 t (🇫🇷France, Tier-8, HT, techtree).
Suspension 1/2 – AMX 65 t (Stock)
• Dispersion from movement (max): from 0.20 (8.00) to 0.20 (7.00)
Suspension 2/2 – AMX 65 t bis (TOP)
• Motion spread (max): c 0.16 (6.40) to 0.16 (5.60)
• Max. forward speed: from 40 to 35 km/h

44 thoughts on “WoT CT 1.18.1: French Heavy Tank Nerfs

  1. Yeah let’s buff those French tanks…. wait NO NERF THEM they could endanger the OP Russian tanks, blyat only Russian tanks with armor may go beyond 40 kmh

  2. Meanwhile is-7 can go how fast ? 60+ kph ?
    minotauro is a hecking mobile bunker ?
    nooo lets make changes to french heavies WG logic 4Head

  3. So now it goes from being faster than the E5 and 60TP and equal to the 279e to being equal to those 2 and inferior to the 279e….. gg making op more op

  4. I love how shitters can’t understand that these are very warranted, the amx m4 vehicles were overperforming massively, on NA alone they were only beaten out in reqs by the chief and 279e, and only by barely. So yeah this is nice to see that they’re making them less dominant while keeping the gun and armor buffs.

    1. Yeah, WG is changing in a good way. They’re making good changes way faster than before.
      Remember when it took them ONLY HALF A YEAR to nerf the freaking Bobject.
      Now, it’s been ~3 weeks if I’m not wrong and they’re already taking actions on the French HTs.
      But I think this nerf is still not enough for the M4 54. That tank will only go from 5.2k to 4.9k after this one, which is still massively higher than any other T10 techtree HT apart Vz.55.
      They need to nerf it’s gun handling, to 0.35 base accuracy with 0.14 base dispersion when moving to make it ~4.5k like the S.Conq which is still extremely good.
      The current gun handling of this thing is simply way too good for 560 alpha.

      1. I’m just glad they’re taking some action about it fairly quickly, if it’s still not enough then I’m sure wg will keep doing small nerfs to it with every passing patch. Good to see that they’re trying to fix tier 10 balance, even if it’s baby steps at first.

        1. You mean how they balanced T10 with Chiefs, 279e’s and 907’s??? Yeah right., balanced my behind.

          1. I love how people think that the way to fix tier 10 balance is over buff everything to be just like the two most toxic vehicles at tier 10. Baby brain logic.

      1. =))))) I’m here in Asia server complaining about RNG everyday for getting cupola sniped whenever I peek. Oh god damn Asia server is even more “no player” than NA.
        Should I cry about that too mister? Should I feel bad for not being able to slay mobs in EU/RU?
        I guess I should because somebody said “nobody cares” when he has no idea what’s going on, sadly.

      2. hmm the recs for 3 mark on eu is 5.6k, thats still pretty high. and its not like these nerfs are the end of the world.

      3. I used NA since it had the most extreme jump in reqs, EU also had an insane jump and sees it sitting at 4th-5th highest reqs right behind the chief/279e/vk72/t95e6. All server saw a massive jump in performance, went from around 3-4k combined to mark to over 5500 and being massively ahead of any other tech tree vehicle in the game, which isn’t healthy. We already have issues with certain reward tanks and the occasional new tech tree over performing and being bad for the game, we don’t need more buffs like this that take them to being over powered.

    2. They needed a nerf bat, I was bouncing them constantly .lately and quite frankly they were becoming the new kranvagn, so the nerf to me is a good thing. EVERYONE IS PLAYING THEM on EU.

  5. xDDD they still complain when they have no idea what’s going on.
    Yeah that’s what we have, a community which is full of complainers complaining for whatever reasons.
    I’m done explaining anything for these shitters, just having some good giggles whenever they show up with their immeasureable stupidity =))))))

    1. It performs best when played by people who know what they’re doing, not by idiotic tomatoes with 44% WNR

      1. Well said but still can’t deny the fact that E5 in this meta is not good.
        The reason why they can claim that E5 is performing well is because of the matchmaking. E5 with tremendous firepower can shine in a good matchup against lower tiers.
        But when you need to be a true HT in T10 MM, hell yeah you will take one for the team.
        Don’t tell me you’re only good players in the room and nobody will be able to snipe your HUGE cupola.
        Btw as someone who have reached 100% mark on Leo1, I can say Leo1 can play hulldown better than E5 =))))))))

        1. bro the e5 in its current state is one of the most balanced tanks in the game. If you are good, you can do incredible things. its not just me saying this, people like daki, skill, and iyouxin have been saying this since its buff

          1. E5 is only balanced in Random, where it can fight tier 8 & 9.
            In Rank or even all T10 battles, E5 does feel weak. Picking it in Rank will simply lower your chance of winning.
            I like E5 and constantly keeping it MoE at 97-98% but currently it’s a below average in T10 HT standard.

    1. and you’re disappointed? They take months to nerf something and the community complains. Now they’re taking initiative and trimming down the AMX a little because its a little too strong and the community STILL complains.

  6. Better a quick nerf (this) than a late one (Object 268 v4, Object 430U) or none at all (Object 279e, Chieftain).

    The AMX 65t did not deserve it though, the thing is a pos.

    1. tbf, i never reached 40 anyways even with a turbo, idk if itll really affect it. but yeah, it didn’t need it either

  7. i was about to say French HTs have place in current meta but they decided to make them worse again lol. Even 5 years old kid can do better balance than current WG balance team

  8. why the amx 65 t???? what???

    so they first pulled the mobility buff it was supposed to get (that might’ve made it actually tolerable to play) and now after it didn’t even get that, they’re neutering its mobility even more from the baseline

    there is NO WAY that the 65 was overperforming with the ~1-2 second reload and 50 hp buff it got, it’s still a piece of shit

    1. Too early IMHO. There’s not enough time for the avdmg values to normalize. Too many good players capitalized on the tanks’ buffs that they skewed the data.

      Wait for us shitters to play the M4 54, then we’d bring those values down so low it would make the flipwagen look good

  9. Funny thing is that real maximum speed of amx 65 is only 32 km/h because of awfull terrain resistances.

  10. They were a direct competition to the tier 11 tanks, thats why they nerf them. Fuck people who doesnt have time to participate in CW to get the tier 11s

    1. We should not have “Tier 11” tanks to begin with, that’s on WG for giving in to the demands of the clanwar kids who either get paid with OP shit or refuse to play clans.

  11. Braindead CCs already had their fun with Amx so no point keeping them buffed (btw Daki has known that they will get nerf again thats why he kept spamming it) Wg is the only company in gaming hates its customers so much, it is running by teenagers like most CCs have the brain of a teenager. I cant wait for death of wg, they are killing themselves with this CC program!

    1. Daki has known that they will get nerf again thats why he kept spamming it

      Or maybe he kept spamming it because it was near-OP and he wanted easy wins? Not everything has a conspiracy behind it.

      Also, CCs don’t decide game balance, otherwise WoT would’ve died years ago.

  12. Apparently people cant read and figure out the numbers. Infact the maximum spread on the move was buffed on all 3 tanks. The nerf was to their topspeed. Allthough i cant understand why they nerfed the tier 8. Its still bad.

    1. Your bloom is calculated by your Base Dispersion When Moving x your current speed.
      So yes the bloom when moving at full speed will be smaller but that doesn’t mean anything. Nobody will feel any difference in its gun handling.
      People can read numbers and can understand what is truly relevant and what’s not.
      Do you?

      1. Oh I mistyped, your bloom is calculated by Your Dispersion When Moving (V.Stab/IRM applied) x your current speed.

  13. The only reason I played this tank before the buffs was the pretty good armor and good speed combo, I will never play this guy again with this speed nerf, Why would they choose to nerf the speed stat of all the stats they could choose on a french tank

  14. To all the people saying that the AMX was OP, just die pls and learn to play … The thing has enormous weakspots compared to every single other “tank”. FFS just compare it to a 60TP or all the OBJ XXX family who’s got all the armour in the world and need to be gold spammed.
    I get it that now Wot is a game populated by mongolians who just want to auto pen everything with gold so a tank that requires aiming is too OP for their tiny brain, let’s just keep stupidly OP tier 11 tanks and nerf the forever shitty French tree that for once was funny to play in order to please the average dumbass fanbase.

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