WoT CT 1.18.1: Minor Vehicle Changes

The “new” tank;
M47 Patton Improved (USA, Tier-8, MT, premium) got a different tech. ID (with an addition _2) relative to the M Project, which was tested a little earlier, BUT they have the same performance characteristics. Where the M Project will go is unknown.

T54 Heavy Tank (USA, Tier-9, HT, premium).
Changes from the first iteration of the Common Test 1.18.1

• Cost of 2 (HEAT) shells: from 4,400 to 4,800 credits

M47 Patton Improved (USA, Tier-8, MT, premium).
Changes regarding the first iteration of the supertest.

• Added historical reference:
The M47 Patton Improved is a serial M47 Patton II tank with enhanced armor and armament. Additional protection is provided by metal screens on the turret and hull, and a 105-mm cannon was installed to build up firepower. Also, the assistant driver was removed from the crew, placing an additional ammunition rack in his place.
• Added a short description of the tank:
Good armor, powerful gun
• Added a detailed description of the tank:
American premium medium tank Tier VIII. It can be called a “weighted” representative of the family of famous US tanks. Hinged spaced armor allows you to play in the first line, and a powerful gun with excellent armor penetration copes with all classes in head-on collisions.

BZ-176 (China, Tier-8, HT, premium, mechanics: rocket boosters).
Changes from the first iteration of the Common Test 1.18.1

• Cost of 1 (HE) projectile: from 1,170 to 1,450 credits
• Cost of 2 (HE) projectile: from 6,800 to 7,200 credits
• Radius of Damage 2 (HE) of a projectile: from 0 m to 4 m

22 thoughts on “WoT CT 1.18.1: Minor Vehicle Changes

  1. Right so a better version of the tier IX medium tank is a premium, thus it’s tier VIII? Why just not make it at least tier IX, now that we have tier IX premiums in the game? WG and their logic never ceases to amaze.

    1. Agree m47 improved should be tier 9, while the current M47E1 with fake 105 should go, and put the M47E1 at tier 8 with a 90mm useful, and at tier 9 add the M48A3 with modern 90mm (apcr and heat) good rof, aiming speed, 280 damage, etc

  2. M47 Improved does make sense at Tier 8 as it’s slow with meh rof and bad gun handling, so more of a pocket heavy than an actual medium. Time will tell if it will powercreep the Super Pershing or not.

    LOL at the increased ammo prices for the BZ-176.

  3. I feel like 176 needs some buffs, no way that it is balanced in its current state if you arent goldspamming… KV2 has 86 pen vs this guy at 75… 105 pen makes more sense

    I have already complained about the side armor before but that is not 152 like they say it is actually 100mm if you check tanks.gg.

    1. no way that it is balanced in its current state if you arent goldspamming

      But if you spam gold it’s balanced. They did not increase the gold ammo price for no reason.

  4. hows that the M47 Patton Improved, its a tier 8 while the Actual M47E1 is a tier 9?
    WG is going full retarded.
    Make the M47 Patton Improved a tier 9 and drop the M47E1 at tier 8 with its real 90mm add M48A3 to tier 9.

  5. Depends on how good the armor is. If it’s too good I’ll agree with you. I prefer tier variety, and we don’t really need more high alpha guns at t8

  6. In otherwords WG is shitting all over everything once again why not fix everything the game has become crap from spotting to ghost rounds the game has become almost unplayable and I’ve got 47k games and been around since the beginning

    1. WG don’t care and are not trying to keep you old 45k battle players.
      They want the beginners who they can lure with new game gimmicks and new OP tanks they can sell.
      Why would they be interested in you with your 30,000 bonds, 27m credits and 650 tanks?!

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